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Getting Creative with Xtensio’s Blank Slate


About Jake & Timelock:

Jake PetersJake Peters is no newcomer to the startup world. After spending time at a couple startups, Jake started his own right after graduating from university. He has since built Timelock with his co-founder, Jarratt Isted. Timelock is a tool that creates and manages live-targeted email content for users. Jake and his partner are looking to launch their product in the near future.


How Jake uses Xtensio:

In the early stages of their startup, the Timelock team needed to create simple one pagers. Jake was originally drawn to Xtensio because he wanted to create a one-paged press kit, a project he had been putting off for ages. As a developer, Jake dedicates most of his time to ensuring Timelock runs smoothly. He was looking to create a press kit this easily and in a way that wouldn’t eat up too much of his time. Xtensio’s simplicity and guided text helped him quickly build and finish the press kit. His team has begun sharing the press kit with colleagues and potential investors.


“The press kit is amazing — to be able to just drag and drop something and then for it to just be there all the time. It’s just so simple, you can go in and edit anything. It’s just remarkably simple.”


After completing their press kit, Jake and his team navigated through the internal planning tools and created a User Persona and SWOT Analysis. With the Blank Slate tool, they were able to let their creativity shine. They created a chart that chronicles the progress of their app with software release updates and changes. They then created a style guide that housed their branding guidelines.


“We have found it very useful. It’s so flexible. Everything that we need is there for us. It’s a nice little tool.”


With 5 different folios and hundreds of folio views, Jake has become one of Xtensio’s most active users. You can learn more about his product at or you can see his live folios below.

Timelock_Press copy Timelock_Release copy Timelock_Style copy

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