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Our tools have empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, designers, students, and more. Equip your community with the sharpest tools.

Who can partner:

Xtensio for Community
Xtensio for Schools
Xtensio for Events

The Perks:


Customized Tools

Collaborate with our team to create custom tools and templates (e.g. transform a simple worksheet into a dynamic template to fill out and share).


Dedicated Landing Page

Invite your community to get started with Xtensio. This page integrates your branding with our tools.


Marketing & Promotion

Gain additional exposure for your event or organization through Xtensio’s social networks, newsletter, and community page.


Access to Xtensio Plus

Do more with our premium service. With Xtensio Plus’ additional features, your community can export and password-protect folios.

Analytics & Usage Stats

View your participants’ folios and progress — perfect for instructors or event organizers.

Personalized Workshops

Learn insider strategies on using Xtensio and integrating the platform into your organization’s workflow.

How it works:

Fill out the form below to tell us about your community. We will then set up a meeting to discuss what we can provide you. Xtensio will offer some or all of the benefits above, depending on your network size.

Need more? Inquire here for enterprise-level solutions.

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