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Helping an MBA Grad to Think Lean


About Ryan & Cuttime

ryanzAfter completing the MBA program at Columbia Business School and working in Corporate America for a number of years in the marketing and advertising fields, and even working for Warner Music Group, Ryan Ziemba suddenly found himself wanting to take on a passion project that combined all of his interests and expertise. He soon began laying the bones for Cuttime, a marketing intelligence platform that provides audience profiling and partnership recommendations to brands and recording artists. The company has finished up their MVP and are in the process of seed round fundraising.


“Where was Xtensio when I was in business school??”

Ryan & Xtensio

After laying the groundwork for Cuttime, Ryan soon found that he needed to clearly and cleanly present an overview of their company to investors and advisors. With his MBA background, he had been taught to prepare lengthy business documents that meticulously detailed the ins-and-outs of his business. Of course such information was needed and necessary, but the traditional way was not only time-consuming, but also didn’t present the professionalism that Ryan was attempting to achieve. On the hunt for a tool that allowed him to easily present the focal points of Cuttime, his search led him to Xtensio’s One-Page Builder which allowed him to quickly put together an overview of his company. Not only were the documents clean and professional, they were easy to share with others and they forced Ryan to start thinking lean, creating more value for his investors and –by extension– his consumers.


“Xtensio’s one-pager is the perfect solution enabling me to share information about my company especially in cases where offering an entire presentation isn’t possible or appropriate.”


It’s my new business card,” Ryan said to us, pointing to the fact Xtensio’s templates allowed Cuttime to appear “as if we had our finger on the pulse.” Ryan also enjoyed how easy and intuitive the templates were, outlining exactly what could go into the module, encouraging fluidity, wanting the creator to change modules as they see fit and what works best for their company.


“Xtensio make us look professional, organized, and buttoned-up.”


With Cuttime set to launch in July of this year and beta testing in April, Ryan is excited to move forward with Xtensio by his side, giving Cuttime the “polished” look that he desired for his company. With Xtensio, Ryan had the framework to produce smart business documents that were easily shareable with whomever they needed to be shared with.  “Where was this when I was in business school?” he chuckled.

Take a look at Cuttime’s folio below:


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