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Challenging Business Goals with Xtensio’s Lean Canvas


About A little goodness:

A little goodness was founded to help people on their journey to health and happiness by providing a directory of health and wellness knowledge and services in Australia. A little goodness is a startup company in its initial stages of development. Founders Jo, Kate and Anshu collectively have a wealth of experience in communications, branding, digital media, sponsorship and events in both Australia and internationally. The company hopes to become Australia’s go-to website for health and wellness.


“We aim to bring you responsible and knowledgeable views on all things ‘wellness’ and interesting and balanced reads.”

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A little goodness & Xtensio Q&A:

What is A little goodness’ current objective?

Our current objective is to realize our MVP [minimum viable product]. We’re working on getting the website into the best shape possible so we can provide an exceptional user experience to those looking for health and wellness information and services. Once we have reached this point, our attention will turn to creating timely and relevant content, and engaging our target audience.

How have you been using Xtensio?

We have been using Xtensio’s Lean Canvas to capture the essence of our business. It’s a great tool that allows us to clearly convey the purpose of our company and what we are trying to achieve, and share it with colleagues and mentors.

Has Xtensio satisfied any of your needs or solved any pain points?

The Lean Canvas provides a great base for capturing the goals of the business– this has helped us enormously as we were able to challenge ideas and drill into what it is we really want to achieve.

Why have you continued using Xtensio?

Because it’s easy to use, all information is in one place and can be accessed from anywhere, and lastly, because it’s shareable.


With several different folios, the founders of A little goodness have become one of Xtensio’s most active users.

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