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A pin board-style dashboard and intuitive navigation makes Xtensio easy to use. Read the full article.

Khanyisa Real Systems

Helpful collaboration tools

Whether working together or virtually, groups can create and present sales, strategy, and marketing content without compromising its quality. Read the full article.

Tech Heel

8 Best tools to increase employee productivity

Xtensio helps businesses manage collaterals in one channel and present it to key players in any device. Read the full article.


Choose the right remote work tools

One of the most popular document management tools. Read the full article.

Riga Comm 2020

Choose the right remote work tools

One great feature of Xtensio is that you and your team can work together on one single document making it easier to brainstorm ideas and turn it into a solid marketing plan. Read the full article.


7 Easy-to-use social media calendar tools to plan your content

One of the top tools to help you work remotely. Read the full article.


Working from home effectively: 50 tips, tricks and tools

Xtensio provides an easier collaborative process through its real-time save and sync feature. Read the full article.


Top 10 best virtual team management software 2020

A great tool for creating and sharing online documents with your clients. Read the full article.


19 Awesome tools to use when joining the freelance world as a blogger

For teams, both remote and those working closely together, a collaborative tool is the perfect way to complete tasks and projects efficiently. Xtensio is one of the best examples of this. Read the full article.


20+ Remote working tools you need in 2020

Xtensio offers something that will make your work much easier: real-time collaboration. You can work with your teams, squeeze in edits, and see these changes applied in real-time and synced across all devices with access. Read the full article.

The Crowdfunding Formula

Know How: Calendify, exploding topics and some more tools and tactics

Apart from being user-friendly, Xtensio ensures real-time collaboration and privacy of shared documents. Read the full article.


100 Powerful inbound marketing tools to grow your business

Xtensio’s intuitive tool offers real-time synchronization for everyone who has access. Read the full article.

Time Doctor

64 Online collaboration tools to help your team be more productive

If you are generating your first usability report and need a bit of a boost, the tools provided by Xtensio can be very helpful. Read the full article.

Adobe XD

Creating usability reports from usability test findings

If you’re looking for the easiest way for teams to share and create living documents, check out Xtensio. Read the full article.


48 SaaS tools to help your business grow

If you’re looking for a tool to organize and manage your communication with clients, Xtensio is your pick. Read the full article.


11 Best must-have tools for freelancers to save time

Xtensio is the perfect platform for individuals and teams to collaborate in creating excellent presentations, reports, slides, or any online documents. Read the full article.

UX Studio

Complete list of product management tools to try in 2020

Xtensio works like google docs but it’s more intuitive. Read the full article.

Best remote working tools & WFH tips

Xtensio is something that can take the stress out of managing teams and work. Read the full article.

SPD Load

Knock out COVID-19: 9 tips to manage your remote startup team efficiently

Xtensio allows teams to collaborate on presentations, proposals, reports, sales sheets, or any online documents in real-time. Read the full article.


Free collaboration tools for remote teams

Xtensio is a flexible document management solution for streamlining and building smarter documents. Read the full article.


10 Best document management software for a paperless office in 2020

Xtensio is the perfect platform for content creators such as bloggers, designers, artists and more, especially if 2 or more are collaborating. Read the full article.


12 Best Tumblr alternatives for bloggers in 2020

Xtensio will streamline your workflow and will manage everything in just a few clicks. Read the full article.


28 Best productivity tools to get more work done

Xtensio is the go-to platform if you want to create and design beautiful online presentations, reports, or just about any business documents. Read the full article.

Alejandro Rioja

16 Best productivity tools of 2020: features and benefits

Xtensio is the easiest way for teams to turn business goals into reality. Read the full article.


12 Tools to improve your content marketing management

From marketing teams promoting their brand to the entrepreneurs launching their own companies, Xtensio is for creating beautiful web pages and presentations. Read the full article.


9 Tools every remote worker needs

Xtensio allows teams to create professional-looking documents all together in a single platform increasing productivity all over the team. Read the full article.


How to collaborate with your remote team

Xtensio is an all in one tool for managing business collaterals. Read the full article.


43 Collaboration tools to keep teams in sync and on task

I can see Xtensio being useful for non-designers who want to quickly and confidently create brand-compliant collateral such as one pagers, visually appealing reports, business plans, employee handbooks etc. Read the full article.


The ULTIMATE guide to PowerPoint alternatives

Xtensio is super flexible and lets you do things with ease drag and drop. Moreover, its interactive modules are especially made to fulfill your business needs. Read the full article.


Free Canva alternatives 2020

Whether you want an interactive toolbox or looking for a deliverable platform for your teams, Xtensio is the solution. Read the full article.


(13+) Best Trello alternatives for project management

Xtensio is another useful collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. Read the full article.


Top 5 collaboration tools for small businesses

With Xtensio, you can bring all your remote working employees under one roof and discuss on important projects. Read the full article.


6 Best team collaboration tools for small businesses

Xtensio is an all-in-one tool that helps you organise, manage and deliver effective business communication more efficiently. Read the full article.


10 essential tools for freelancers

If you’d like to keep the number of different products you use to a minimum, a high-end collaboration suite like Xtensio is a good choice. Read the full article.

Smart Blogger

Working from home? 14 sanity-saving tools (+ 35 pro tips)

With the growing needs to work remotely, Xtensio has your organization’s back with its array of online collaborative features. Read the full article.


18 Best project management tools to look for in 2020

The frequent need for remote business transactions and online meetings justify the necessity for an engaging medium like Xtensio. Read the full article.

Digi Mashable

11 Best employee engagement tools for 2020

One of the best SaaS documentation platforms. Read the full article.


Free SaaS tools for companies on a budget (and a pre-formatted budgeting sheet)

The Xtensio platform is a collaborative workspace where real estate teams can easily create and share beautiful living documents altogether. Read the full article.

Realty Ninja

101 Valuable apps, software & marketing tools that REALTORS® love

Xtensio is one of the most convenient platforms where documents, reports, presentations, and more can be shared simultaneously. Read the full article.


Online collaboration tools for remote teams

Cloud collaboration and storage tools are something you can’t do without. Depending on your preferences you can opt-in for one of the three most popular options: MS Office Online, G Suite, or Xtensio. Read the full article.


Remote team’s toolbox: What tools do you need to run a remote team

Xtensio’s drag and drop functionality makes it easier for users to create documents from scratch. Read the full article.


Must-have digital marketing tools to make your life easier

One of the best tools that let your presentations look engaging. Read the full article.


13 Tools for closing deals faster

You can customize your Xtensio style guide to retain your branding for every output you produce – making sure that you are on-brand every time. Read the full article.


Top 18 team collaboration tools In 2020

Xtensio is a great platform where documents, reports, presentations and more can be shared simultaneously. Read the full article.


6 Tools that could change the way you manage your business

Xtensio helps increase productivity all throughout the team’s strategic plans. Read the full article.

Tech Media Today

30 Best project management tools your team needs right now

Best collaborative “living documents”: Xtensio. Read the full article.


Best WFH tech for working remotely during the 2020 coronavirus

Xtensio is a perfect tool for teams looking to create and present professional-looking deliverables in a short amount of time. Read the full article.


The 18 best Digital Marketing tools to work with

I recommend templates such as Xtensio’s User Persona Creator to get started. Read the full article.


4 Key tips for building a successful content marketing strategy

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