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Xtensio as a Living, Breathing Document


About Adrian & ThriveStreams:

thrivestreams_AdrianAdrian Cunanan worked as a technical consultant for over 10 years prior to starting ThriveStreams. Both Adrian and his ThriveStreams co-founder, Ryan Badilla, were diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Inspired to give back to this stigmatized community, Adrian and Ryan have dedicated their time and technical experience to improving mental wellness and healthcare around the world. What started off as a passion project on the side, quickly evolved into what Adrian calls, a “positive technology company.” Adrian and Ryan have created a platform that aims to help people experience sustainable levels of happiness and empower them to change the world. ThriveStreams’ health tracker dashboard allows customers to monitor their behavioral changes and connect with health professionals who can proactively diagnose and adjust treatment plans.


“Our biggest challenge is entering the behavioral healthcare community because it’s such a stigmatized community, where people don’t like to share their mental issues.”


Adrian & Xtensio:

After talking to investors on AngelList, Adrian realized the need for a one-pager summary of his business to share with future investors. However, upon researching other one-pager templates and websites, he was unable to find anything that quite fit his needs.


“I found a lot of one page summary websites, but they all looked like book reports, very text heavy. We checked out Xtensio and found that this was a great tool for us to get our executive summary in.”


Xtensio’s intuitive drag-and-drop functions and low learning curve allowed Adrian to quickly create his one-pager. Most importantly, Xtensio’s template allows Adrian to make live updates to the web page, trumping the traditional PDF one-pager format that’s more time intensive to edit and upload.


“If I were to send out a PDF, it’s stuck. I can’t change it. But with Xtensio, I can constantly change it.”


With Xtensio’s placeholder text and the company’s pre-existing pitch deck as guides, Adrian merged the two structures to form a more personalized and compelling flow of information for his initial one-pager. ThriveStreams is currently undergoing user testing to further research and lock down their user personas.

ThriveStreams has released their initial product, ThriveTracker to the App Store, which has now gained over 1700 downloads. To learn more about ThriveStreams and ThriveTracker, you can view their Xtensio folio below.


ThriveStreams Folio

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