Xtensio Careers


We are a distributed team.

We design, build, launch, iterate sustainably around the world, around the clock.




Xtensio is an all-in-one productivity platform for creating, managing, presenting and sharing documents and key collateral.

Our journey started in Los Angeles in 2015 as a side project within Fake Crow. Since then, we have grown organically to over 200,000 users. We are on a mission to empower all change-makers.

We believe good work can be done everywhere. We use online tools like Trello, Slack, Xtensio (da!) to stay in sync. We work remotely, in different time zones with minimally overlapping meeting times. We don’t count hours or the vacation days.

Sales Director (Full-time, Remote)

A sales expert who will qualify our (free and paid) users and turn them into paying customers.

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Technical SEO Lead (Full-time, Remote)

A technical SEO wizard to lead us to the next level.

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We are always on the lookout for extraordinary talent.

Tell us what you’ve got.

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