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Case Study: A “Lite” Fundraising Deck (that’s easy on the eyes)

About David & FILM Ferrania:

David BiasDavid Bias is a New York based creative entrepreneur. Before joining FILM Ferrania, Bias worked for many years as an art director and designer. Bias served as the U.S. Vice President of Impossible, a company that produces instant film stock compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras.


Bias joined the FILM Ferrania team in 2014. FILM Ferrania is an organization working to establish a modern, flexible and right-sized manufacturing base to sustain filmstock demand for the next century. The company seeks to restore confidence in the future of analog filmmaking. Based in Italy, FILM Ferrania is the world’s LAST fully self-contained color film factory outside of Kodak and Fuji. Due to huge support from their Kickstarter campaign and the Italian regional government, they look to begin production of photo and motion picture film stock toward the end of this year.


“We’d like to put the ‘film is dead’ myth to rest once and for all.”


David & Xtensio Q&A:

What’s your current objective in using Xtensio?

Our objective in using Xtensio is to put our fundraising message out there in a lightweight and digestible form. We understand that we face a lengthy search to find just the right investors who both share our [FILM Ferrania] ambitions and clearly see our value. I’ve been calling it our “Lite Deck” – because it’s much more vibrant and shareable than the PDF file of our full plan. It’s quick, to-the-point and easy on the eyes.

Why did you decide to try Xtensio?

I decided to try Xtensio because I liked the idea of an easy “single-page builder” and none of the other solutions I found offered the right toolset for my purposes. So far, I’ve only used it for this “Lite Deck” page…

Has Xtensio satisfied any of your needs or solved any pain points?

I can code HTML/CSS and a bit of JS myself (I even have hosting), but Xtensio lets me forget about all of that and focus on the design. Plus it allows us to separate our investment messaging from our public website in a way that still has visual continuity.

Why have you continued using Xtensio?

I tend to be loyal when I find a solution that solves a specific problem. Plus I haven’t yet utilized the full toolset. I think the Lean Canvas tool will be very helpful for my team to refine our plans even further.

To learn more about Film Ferrania, you can visit their website at http://www.filmferrania.it or view their Xtensio folio below.


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