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Try Xtensio – the new and better way to create, manage and share more impactful and powerful business collateral. Learn why more than 200,000 professionals and teams are switching to Xtensio every day.

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Shared Style Guide
Team & Project Management
Living Documents

5 Ways Xtensio Outpaces Prezi

No More Boring Presentations

It’s easy, intuitive and quick

Build beautifully branded pitches, proposals, reports and presentations in minutes—no designers or long hours needed. Add images, videos, tables and other interactive modules. Drag and drop, resize, change backgrounds, colors. It’s the easiest editor ever. Find inspiration from:

No More Fragmented Work

Personalization at scale

It’s simple to build your brand toolkit. Set brand fonts and colors with the shared style guide. Or easily add fonts styles and colors as you work with different clients. Copy and merge folios, reuse elements from different projects. Save your own templates.

No More Lack of Visibility

Faster and more effective team collaboration

Collaborate with anyone on the same folio in real-time. Control access levels. View collaborator activity and full revision history. Add notes to versions, revert if someone makes a mistake.

No More Wasteful Communication

Easier and more impactful handovers

Easily review and approve work all on a branded dashboard. Group docs & presentations by category – project, client, asset type, etc. Share a link to keep everyone up-to-date.

No More Switching Between Tools

Make a big impact with
“living documents”

Nothing else looks like an Xtensio folio. And no other presentation software is as engaging and versatile.

Folios are responsive, live web pages, full-screen digital presentations and exportable PDF/PNGs all-in-one. You can even embed on your website.

Xtensio is the better option for more stunning presentations.

66,806 users and counting.

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We needed to have a ‘place’ to collaborate, and also requires that we present information to others. In the past, we’ve used Asana to work together, and PowerPoint to present to other stakeholders. Xtensio replaces the need for both brilliantly. We can work together, instantly share without sending attachments that you then have to save different versions with unique names – you all know that drill – and then use the same tool to present.

David Nason

David Nason

CEO/Founder, HireBrain

As someone who is constantly making presentations and writing proposals, I use Xtensio to crat appealing and effective one-pagers and landing pages. The ease of customization and user-friendly platform helps us craft compelling documents with minimal effort.

Olakunle Oladehin

Olakunle Oladehin

Executive Director, Everybody Dance Now!

We use Xtensio both internally and on client projects. Creating buyer personas and beautiful client-facing documents has never been easier. Definitely better than your standard agency deck or PPT presentation.

Zac Heisey

Zac Heisey

Director of Digital Marketing, Tribe Interactive

Xtensio is the easiest way for teams to create, manage and share beautiful living documents.

66,806 users and counting…