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Xtensio Product Updates March 2017

This month’s product updates have primarily been on the back-end. Since launching live collaboration in December, we have been constantly optimizing data syncing performance. We also ironed out some of the most demanded features and launched a new template. Here are the updates:

NEW TOOL: Employee Handbook Template

Employee Handbook Template

Create a unique, personalized company handbook for your employees. Guide them through the inner processes of the workplace and welcome them into their new environment. Easily hit the most important points with our preset content and fill it in with your values and ideas! Try Now.

Collaboration Optimizations

We optimized management of collaboration invitations, real time syncing and notifications when a user joins a folio, invitation status, resending and canceling pending invitations. On the technical side, routine optimizations for syncing and saving edits continue.

UI Revisions, Structural Changes to the Editor and Better Exports

We made some subtle visual tweaks as well as some major structural updates. Module and section menus, dropdowns, settings UI got a brand new look. We cleaned up overall UI inconsistencies, icons, colors and typography. We have revised margins and padding of modules and canvases. Since these directly affect PDF exports, we have also revamped the default templates, and our export configurations for better results.

More Icons Added to Social Module

We added Instagram and Google+ to the icon set. In edit mode, social buttons appear to fill in the URL. Only social buttons with URLs will appear in preview mode.

social media icons

Archived vs Deleted Folios

We have phased out the “Archive Folio” functionality. Instead, folios can be deleted in one step. Deleted folios can be recovered or deleted permanently.

What other updates are you looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter @Xtensio!

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