Root Cause Analysis in Product Management

Xtensio Product Updates July 2017

Introducing The Social Entrepreneurship Series. New and improved templates. Two new features just launched upon popular demand. UX optimizations and more. Here are Xtensio product updates from July 2017.

Introducing tools for social entrepreneurs

Startup Project Management Tools

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Wesleyan University’s Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, which awards grants to student endeavors in social entrepreneurship work.

In our ongoing partnership collaboration with Makaela Kingsley, the Director of the program, two vital tools revealed themselves as an overlap between social impact work and entrepreneurial ventures: the Root Cause Analysis and the Ecosystem Mapping.

Here are the first tools and knowledge pieces in our social entrepreneurship series. Stay tuned for more.


Improved Templates and New Examples


Tools For Startup

As we are making improvements on Xtensio’s experience, we frequently update our existing templates for easier editing and better guidance. In July, we gave a facelift to the some of our most popular templates and published new examples:

User Persona Creator

Persona Comparison

Lean Canvas

SWOT Analysis

Business Model Canvas

Brand Positioning Canvas

Two New Features

User Persona Creator

Copy/Move Section

This feature was one of our top requested ones for a while now, and finally it’s here! It’s very useful to bring in pieces from other folios into a new project. Shout out to our lead engineer Nadeem for making this happen in such a quick sprint!

Under the section menu, you can now choose to Copy the section and/or Move the section to another folio.

One Pager Startup Template

Folio Stats

Plus and Pro accounts can now see basic analytics about their folios. You can access this option under the folio menu (on your dashboard and inside the edit view).

Live Collaboration Optimizations

This has been a beast for our engineering team. Since the launch of live collaboration in December 2016, we have constantly tweaked the back-end performance. Our latest improvements were focused on the front-end, to prevent our users from overwriting each others’ work when they leave idle tabs open. The platform is quite sturdy since the latest updates and no complaints from frequent collaborators.

Billing Details Added to Invoices

For companies and individuals who need to input billing details for tax purposes, you can now go to your account settings, add your billing details manually, and download your invoices.


Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

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