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Xtensio Product Updates Jan. 2017

Sync time

Since the introduction of collaboration features, we’ve been working to smooth out the experience for users to edit together seamlessly. Syncing time between collaborators is now substantially faster, especially when duplicating modules or canvases. Additionally, the dashboard syncs and updates immediately when collaborators are added or removed.

Revisions happen instantly

With the initial build, revisions to previous versions of the folios required a refresh. This is no longer required. Collaborators now instantly receive notifications if another user has reverting to another version of the folio.

Collaborator notifications

Collaborators receive notifications instantly if another collaborator makes major folio updates such as change editing access, reverting to a previous version, etc. In addition, notifications now have “unread” indicators to mark what new notifications the user has received since last viewing the notifications pane.

Canvas fixes

In addition to canvas sync times, duplicating modules and dragging them in and out of folios is behaving properly. Duplicating canvases now automatically scrolls the user down to the duplicate to emphasize that an action has taken place. See more here on working with canvases.

Inconsistencies between edit/preview modes

With the upgrade, some folios appeared to have some inconsistencies between edit mode and preview mode. Now, preview mode accurately reflects the latest edited version.

Upgrade editor issues

When users upgraded their folios from the V1 editor to the new V2 editor, some folios had modules had broken styling or had “ghost” modules that suddenly appeared. These issues are no longer present.

Private pages (and archived folios)

Private and archived folios were displaying 404 errors when a user returned to the link URL. This issue is now fixed to say that “the page is no longer available or private”.


Hitting the “ESC” key on the keyboard now closes all popups.

Share banners

Xtensio footer and watermark banners now open a link in new tab as opposed to the same tab.

Improvements to UI and Visual Fixes

As always, we’ve made several tweaks to improve the user interface of the app.

What other updates are you looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter @Xtensio!

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