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Xtensio Product Updates 9.7.16

New Tool: Landing Page Template

Landing Page Template

As an alternative to the One-Pager template, the Landing Page template helps you build a web page around a primary “call to action.” It’s perfect to advertise your product offering, run a campaign, or test an assumption.

Archiving & Dashboard Refinements
We introduced the ability to “Archive” a folio in addition to deleting it. Now, users can restore archived folios to reactivate them. With this change, we updated new dashboard features to toggle between these views as well as the ability to sort the order of their dashboard. We’ve also added tooltips to improve clarity and usability of all features.

Template Tweaks
We’ve added a blank section at the bottom of every template. This will encourage people to add modules, further customize their templates, improve usability, and create better exports.

Export Optimizations
We’ve tweaked our templates and default export settings so that users can have better export output by default. This requires further optimization.

Xtensio Plus Emails
We’ve moved our Xtensio Plus transactional emails from our system to Intercom’s CRM platform. This will help us review performance and make better optimization changes.

Unverified Users
We have a handful of users who sign up but never verify their accounts. After our reminder messages are sent out and they still haven’t verified and returned, we remove these accounts from our system.

What other updates are you looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter: @Xtensio_com!

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