Investor pitch deck presentation

Xtensio Product Updates 8.3.16

New Tool: Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Template

With the introduction of presentation mode last month, it makes sense why we want to introduce a Pitch Deck template. With this template, you can now quickly build a pitch deck that conveys the mission and value of your company. The template includes every slide needed to help you make a strong case for your startup.

Dashboard Refinements
With the introduction of a completely redesigned dashboard last month, there were small refinements we still needed to do. In the past month, we’ve updated transfer folio UI, added label selection bar, added tooltips, introduced new folio renaming abilities on the dashboard, and several other minor tweaks.

Copy Updates
We updated some of the language in the app for more consistency, fixed share button language, and updated our transactional emails to make them clearer and easier to read.

Text Editing Shortcuts and Updates
All basic text editing shortcuts (e.g. bold, underline, italics) have been added. Additionally, we’ve made further tweaks to fix type styling from reverting back to a non-styled state.

More Tooltips
On the dashboard and in edit mode to explain what actions will occur for various icons throughout the tip.

Image Upload Progress Bar
When a user uploads an image, they will now see a bar in the top right corner to illustrate the progress of the upload.

Educational Partnerships
We’ve built a new system around partnerships integrating coupons and activation codes for students when they sign up. We’ve built partnerships with Miami University, University of Michigan, and Nunez Community College

What other updates are your looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter: @Xtensio_com!

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