Product Updates

Xtensio Product Updates 8.25.15

Improved Drag and Drop. Improved Auto-Saving. New Folio Footer. Undo Delete. Remember Me on Login. New Service for Transactional Emails. Visual Improvements and Bug Fixes.
Improved Drag and Drop

Dragging and dropping a module further down (or up) a page is now smoother and easier.


Improved Auto-Saving

Your folios will same automatically save after every edit.


New Folio Footer

When you share your folio, a new (less intrusive) footer sits along the left-hand corner.


Undo Delete

When you delete a module or section, a prompt will appear in the navigation giving you 10 seconds to undo this delete action.


Remember Me on Login

Before you log into Xtensio, you can check the “Remember Me” box so the app will remember your login information.


New Service for Transactional Emails

This new integration with MailGun increases the speed of transactional emails such as verifying your email address. This should decrease the gap between verified and unverified users.


Visual Improvements and Bug Fixes

A pixel here, a nudge there. We’re constantly tweaking and refining the visual experience of the platform.

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