Xtensio Product Updates 7.20.2015

Xtensio Plus

We introduced Xtensio Plus, a “premium” version of the product which enables advanced features such as exporting to PNG/PDF and password protection for users’ folios. Learn more here.



Users can upgrade to Xtensio Plus by inviting other users into the platform. We introduced a referral mechanism where each user gets a unique invite URL. As their network signs up using this URL, the user and the new member both get a free month of Xtensio Plus.


Improvements to Admin Dashboard

You won’t be able to see these updates, but our admin panel allows us to see detailed stats regarding usage. This lets us prioritize improvements based on this data.


Improvements to Sharing Experience

We’ve updated sharing mechanisms for folios and added relevant placeholder text which helps users share their folios on social media.


Improvements for Templates/Tools

This is an ongoing effort. Recently we’ve improved the wording (on templates and template descriptions) in search for more helpful placeholder content.


Improvements to Our Site

We merged our main site and our blog under one roof. We introduced Community page with testimonials, user spotlights, and more. We updated our terms of service and privacy policy documents.


Disposable Email Accounts

We’re now preventing new users to signup with disposable emails.



We sent out our first community newsletter.

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