Xtensio Product Updates 7.1.16

New Tool: Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda Template

We’ve just added a meeting agenda template! Build a comprehensive agenda with discussion points, careful minutes, and action items that you can print and share with your peers. 

New Dashboard

Xtensio's Dashboard
We made MAJOR updates to the dashboard. Cleaner design, a templates tab, folio action bar and most importantly… A new way to organize and share your folios: Channels. Learn more about these updates on a separate blog: How to use channels.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode
A new option added to your navigation bar in edit mode. Hitting “Present” turns the sections of your folio into fullscreen slides. Toggle through the pages with your arrow keys or at the mini navigation on the top right.

Gif Support
Self explanatory. When you upload a gif to an image module, it will loop just like a normal gif. Because, who doesn’t love gifs?

Added Tooltips
We added tooltips to appear when users hover over navigation links on hover. This is to make it absolutely clear that these buttons will do.

General UX/UI Tweaks
We made a couple design and copy tweaks here and there to bring clarity to the experience. For example, we changed a button link from Cancel to Close to avoid confusion between closing a popup versus canceling an account.

Better data integration between our platform and our CRM
We merged our app’s data with our CRM platform for better insight into our users’ usage and for more targeted support.

What other updates are your looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter: @Xtensio!

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