Xtensio Product Updates 6.7.16

New Tool: User Persona Comparison

User Persona Comparison

The new User Persona Comparison template allows you to compare and contrast each of your user persona segments. Use this guide to reveal each persona’s unique needs and frustrations.

Payments for Xtensio Plus!
We introduced a new way for people to unlock Xtensio Plus. Rather than referring friends and colleagues to join Xtensio, users can now purchase a subscription to Xtensio Plus via monthly or yearly fans. Referring colleagues for free months of Xtensio Plus is still possible! Check out our updated Pricing page for more details.

New Xtensio Plus introductory email notifications
To accompany these payment updates, we’ve added brand new email notifications to inform the user of their Xtensio plan, what they get updates, receive new referrals, etc.

Removal of Xtensio branding for Xtensio Plus
We’ve added a few new features to Xtensio Plus. Most noteworthy — now when users share and export their folios, they will no longer have Xtensio’s branding at the footer of the folio. Visit the Xtensio Plus page for more details on features.

Sign In and Sign Up refinements
We’ve updated our marketing pages and locations in the app that had inconsistent “Sign In” “Login” and “Sign Up” labels.

Mobile & Tablet responsiveness fixes
We’ve made some tweaks to the pie chart module and the way text wraps to ensure that all views of folios respond as nicely as possible.

What other updates are your looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter: @Xtensio_com!

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