Xtensio Product Updates 12.7.15

Another month, another set of tweaks. Most of our updates have been minor bug fixes and ways to reduce friction across the platform. Here are some of the major changes we’ve introduced:


PDF Export Customization
We wanted to bring more flexibility to PDF exports — our most popular Xtensio Plus feature. Now, users are able to define paper size, page breaks, and more. Visit our how-to guide to learn more.

Pie Chart Themes
Just as users are able to change the theme of a persona or the colors of a module, they are now able to change the colors of the pie chart (formerly known as the financial module).

Even Faster Auto-Save
Clicking outside the text-based content will not be necessary to trigger an auto-save anymore. It will now automatically save every few seconds while a user is typing.

Stay tuned for a significant UI overhaul! Coming soon.

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