Xtensio Product Updates 10.5.15

Edit User Persona Template

Improved User Persona

Users can now resize columns and move sections around (drag and drop just like other modules). We’ve also simplified the process to insert brands and made minor design updates all around. New features will roll out in the near future.


Merged Analytics Properties between Website and App

Merging our two properties and setting events and goals allow us to pull greater insights on conversions on Xtensio.


Improved Auto-Saving

We’ve increased the time increments between saves and added a more explicit notifications pop up (along the top left of the screen) to alert the user when changes are being saved. This piece still bears some work. We will continue to work on auto-save to make it better, bug free.



Added Module Duplication

A new option has been added under each modules’ setting to allow users to duplicate the same module onto the same folio.


Example One-Pagers and Personas

Example folios were added to the one-pager and user persona landing pages on the website.


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