Xtensio Product Updates 1.6.16

Another month, another set of tweaks. Most of our updates have been minor bug fixes and ways to reduce friction across the platform. Here are some of the major changes we’ve introduced:

Lighter and Faster Platform
We changed the framework that Xtensio had been using since its initial launch in May. By overhauling the back-end structure, the platform is now lighter and faster for the user.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.24.10 PM

Consistent UI
We redesigned a lot of the pop-ups and menus to bring consistency to the platform. With these changes, Xtensio is now simpler, cleaner, and easier for new users to learn.


Xtensio and Wesleyan

Partnership with Wesleyan University
We developed a system in the back-end to easily implement partnerships in the future. We officially launched a partnership with Wesleyan University’s Center of Entrepreneurship. Students are able to create a “Grant Application” — a unique template we created for their students. Participants are able to explore their startup ideas and design a pitch to present to a panel of faculty judges.

Bug Fixes
We made minor tweaks here and there to improve Xtensio’s design and experience for our users.

Stay tuned for big things happening with this new year (and new tools)!

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