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Build your strategy, marketing and sales framework

Create any template, exercise or presentation you need the launch your business: Strategy documents, personas, proposals, one-pagers, landing pages and more. Reimagine how to build your documents. Drag and drop interactive modules, add videos, charts, forms. Adjust the layout, colors, fonts. It's the easiest editor ever.

Start with one of our popular templates, or create and save your own templates:


Fast-track to success

Work together from anywhere under a private, branded dashboard (i.e. MyStartup.Xtensio.com). Create channels for your product development and investor materials to easily organize your workspace. Add advisors and other key players as collaborators to review exercises and deliverables or to work on reports. Edits are always in sync across all devices. And you'll always be up-to-date with in-app notifications and folio stats or revert to previous versions.


Improve business communications

Xtensio's living documents eliminate friction.

  • End the email attachments! Share your work with a link, present it as a full-screen digital slideshow or download a PDF/PNG.
  • Create brand continuity across your deliverables. Customize fonts, colors and templates to automatically match your branding. Or if you're defining your branding, easily update the style guide and test different styles on your one-pager.
  • Save time: Duplicate projects, reuse elements or publish your own templates for even more efficiency.

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Xtensio's Current Users
Xtensio's Current Users

Xtensio is a must have tool for startups, UI/UX and Product Management professionals to create the following templates and demo product direction. I highly recommend using Xtensio!


Apurva Pathak

Technical Product Manager, Verizon Communications

The Xtensio tools are great to showcase what matters in our start-up. We have all the confidence that they offer exactly what we need.


Robert L. Eikelboom

Founding Partner, Social Media Mavericks

It’s the best tool to use to describe your business to others and just getting your message out there to get a crowd. Xtensio is the perfect tool to present your business.


Arthur van de Graaf

Founder, Get a Crowd


Xtensio is a business communications platform where teams create, manage, present and share beautiful living documents.


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