Supercharge your sales

Fuel growth with better, living documents.

Create, share and manage high-converting, branded sales collateral in one place — without disturbing (or waiting for) a designer or developer.


Running sales the old way is ... well, old

Your team works tirelessly to increase sales month-over-month by nurturing leads, informing prospects, closing sales and maintaining business relationships with existing customers. But there are roadblocks limiting your results.

Your generic sales content isn't getting a response

Having a one-size-fits-all sales sheet, landing page or one-pager misses the mark a lot of the time. You need buyer-specific content to speak directly to your target buyer and decision-makers.

Aligning sales and marketing to surface quality leads is difficult

Getting quality leads is hard. Creating a proactive lead funnel requires alignment and seamless communication between the sales and marketing teams.

Your team spends too much time on operational tasks.

According to research, sales teams spend only 37% of their time actually selling. Not to mention the time waiting for design and development. Automating the creation of sales collateral and reporting can help!

Templates for every stage of your sales process

Xtensio comes packed with 100s of templates and editable examples for every stage of your sales cycle. Get started with a fully-customizable template. Or start from scratch and build your own.

Create powerful sales collateral at scale

Use Xtensio's drag-and-drop editor to start designing and sharing better converting sales content — in just a fraction of the time it would take a designer or developer.

Eliminate design and development bottlenecks

Xtensio puts the power of design in anyone's hands. Click and edit anything to customize. Drag and drop text, images, charts, graphs and other graphical content.

Keep brand continuity across all your sales content

Add your company's (or your client's) brand fonts and colors. Change color schemes and backgrounds with a few clicks — boom! You've got a branded sales sheet, landing page, battle card, meeting agenda, etc. in minutes.

Maximize the time your sales team spends selling

Do the work only once and use your deliverables however you need: Share a web link, present a digital slideshow, export a PDF/PNG. You can even embed it on your website

If you want to differentiate your sales process and create brand continuity, this is the tool.

Ron Hollis

Managing Partner, Sales, Sales Alchemy Group

Supply your team with a single source of truth

Optimize communication and collaboration between and across departments to help sales sell more effectively and close deals faster.

A more efficient pipeline means a faster sales cycle

Centralize all of your sales collateral in one place. Work together in real-time, collaborate on organizational folders and share live links to keep everyone always on the same page, literally.

Boost sales with more impactful collateral

The ability to add dynamic content makes communicating your product or service to potential buyers a breeze. And the flexibility of live edits makes it easy for the progression of the sale to come together in one place.

Leave no sale behind with reporting and analytics

Keep track of your team's workflow with in-app notifications and weekly reports, and track sales progress with folio stats.

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Xtensio's Current Users
Xtensio's Current Users

Xtensio is one of the best collaborating tools I have ever worked on. It is also amazing when working remote. Everyone that I tell about Xtensio is blown away.

Humma Arshad

Salesforce Project Manager, Bugendai Tech

We needed to have a 'place' to collaborate, and also requires that we present information to others. In the past, we've used Asana to work together, and PowerPoint to present to other stakeholders. Xtensio replaces the need for both brilliantly. 

David Nason

CEO/Founder, Hirebrain

It's the best tool to use to describe your business to others and just getting your message out there to get a crowd. Xtensio is the perfect tool to present your business.

Arthur van de Graaf

Founder, Get a Crowd

Xtensio is your team space for beautiful living documentsCreate, manage and share business collateral, easily.

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