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Xtensio for Digital Transformation

Plan, design, develop and deploy innovative digital experiences on a single platform

The must-have toolbox to create, share and manage key collateral.

Xtensio brings your organization's strategic communication together with living documents and presentations. It’s a collaborative workspace where all of your strategy, management, product and marketing efforts are centralized under a single platform, allowing your team to transform to the digital age seamlessly. Whether you're expanding your digital presence, implementing new digital processes internally or creating engaging digital experiences for clients,
Xteniso is where your team's work flows.

Create living documents and presentations with the ease of a web builder.

 Think Powerpoint - but more flexible. Drag and drop interactive modules. Change the color, background or size. Adjust the layout with canvases and sections. All changes auto-save and sync across all devices in real-time.

Add Collaborator Collaborate digitally, transition easier

With Xtensio for Business, your whole team can collaborate with anyone, from anywhere. Brainstorm on your overall business strategy with your internal team. Bring in the management, product, sales and marketing teams to work under one roof and align everyone on new procedures and processes. Assign project briefs and tasks to different team. Easily review and approve work all on the same living document to get your projects out the door quickly. If someone makes a mistake, just check revision history and revert to an older version!

CreateCreate visual collateral

Build anything from reports and strategic docs to proposals and landing pages. Add your fonts and define your color palette to keep everyone and everything 'on brand.'

Share Share it as a live webpage

Send important strategic docs, one-pagers, internal reports and marketing collateral as web links. Add password protection, customize the shareable URL, or embed it.

present  Present it as a digital slideshow

Present strategic docs and marketing collateral as a visual, interactive slideshow. Scroll down and click through sections of your folio to easily engage your audience.

export Download a PDF or PNG file

No matter how much you try to move completely to digital, some collateral needs to be saved as a hard copy. Export your folios as PDF or PNG files (premium feature).

A centralized hub where digital transformation happens

Xtensio for Business gives you a private and branded workspace for creating and managing your strategic business development collateral, coordinating launches with internal and external teams and monitoring the results of your work.

Add your internal colleagues as team members and organize your projects by channel — function, product features, department and more — to keep conversations focused and product development on track. Customize and share a channel link to showcase a group of folios. Loop investors and stakeholders in as premium and free guests to work on projects together. Stay up-to-date with in-app notifications and track your team's progress with folio stats.

Create collateral from scratch, or utilize our built-in toolkits.

Complete toolboxes include templates, examples and resources for different stages of your work — strategic business exercises and interactive one-pagers to full-blown pitches and UX reports. Or start from a blank slate and save your own custom templates. You can even publish it on your website to share your framework and build your brand.

Strategy Toolbox

Define and implement your strategy on one platform.

Tools, templates and resources for Business Strategy. Xtensio is your all-in-one productivity platform. Upgrade the way your team works. Build your own strategy, marketing, bizdev and operations toolbox.

Operations Toolbox

Anchor your team. Keep everyone up-to-date.

An interactive Business Operations toolkit. Xtensio is your all-in-one productivity platform. Upgrade the way your team works. Build your own strategy, marketing, bizdev and operations toolbox.

Marketing Toolbox

Simplify your workflow, maximize your impact.

Marketing tools, templates and resources. Xtensio is your all-in-one productivity platform. Upgrade the way your team works. Build your own strategy, marketing, bizdev and operations toolbox.

For strategists that guide brands through digital transformation.

381,394 users and counting.

Xtensio's Current Users
Xtensio's Current Users

The need for this goes beyond startups and can be used by any scrum or agile team.

Ryan Dobson
Global Engineering Manager, Motorola

I use Xtensio and find it really easy to use and it has everything I need. It’s a huge time-saver for me!

Jenny Johansson
UX Manager, Visma Advantage

Xtensio is a must have tool for startups, UI/UX and Product Management professionals.

Apurva Pathak
Technical Product Manager, Verizon

Teams use Xtensio to create, present and share beautiful living documents.

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