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Build it like a web page, present it like a slideshow,
share it as a link and export as a document.


Change the background color, upload full-width background images. Go into presentation mode to turn sections into full-screen slides.


Change the number of columns and move modules in and out. Insert our pre-made lean canvas, business model canvas, or user persona. Update the color scheme with one click.


Drag and drop modules like the building blocks of your folio. Resize them to fit your needs. Pick from handful of modules.

Anatomy of a folio

text module image module scale chart module bar graph module pie chart module tags module email form module row break module social media module

Move Modules Around

Build your toolkit, upgrade your workflow.

Start from scratch or choose from a wide variety of templates for strategy, operations, bizdev and marketing. All templates include instructional content to help you get started.

Design beautifully and easily.

Drag and drop modules and resize them to structure your folio in an infinite number of ways. Pick from a handful of graphical modules and canvases.

Control privacy

By default, your work is completely private and secure. Invite collaborators, adjust access levels or add password protection (Xtensio Plus feature).

Collaborate in real time.

Bring in all stakeholders. Your progress will automatically save and sync across everyone’s devices.


Export as a PDF or PNG

Export your whole folio or individual sections and modules as a PDF or PNG.

Share as a responsive webpage

Any update you make is updated live. You can even embed your work on your website or create a landing page.

Present sections in fullscreen

Present each of your sections as full-screen slides. Just use your keyboard to navigate.

Manage with ease.

Organize your folios with channels. Filter, and share batches of folios with your team or clients.
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The need for this goes beyond startups and can be used by any scrum or agile team.

Ryan Dobson

Global Engineering Manager, Motorola Solutions

It’s very flexible and easy to use, making it very versatile and reusable across different product and market types.

Stephen Patterson

Chief Product Officer, ANDigital

I use Xtensio, because it’s the best there is – elegant, competent and adaptable.

Jerome Katz

Professor of Entrepreneurship, St. Louis University

Presentations = Web Pages Documents

One platform to create, collaborate, share and present

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