The easiest way for teams to create, manage and share beautiful living documents

145,294 users and counting…

Effortlessly creative

Make stunning presentations

Create anything you need – pitches, sales sheets, reports, case studies, agendas… Add images, videos, tables and other interactive modules. Drag and drop, resize, change backgrounds, colors. It’s the easiest editor ever. Find inspiration from:


Adaptably collaborative

Work together under one team space

Changes automatically save and sync across all devices, in real-time. View collaborator activity and full revision history. Add notes to versions, revert if someone makes a mistake. Share with a link, keep everyone always up-to-date.

Team Space
Brand Consistency

Always ‘on brand’

Ensure brand consistency with the style guide

Work under a customized dashboard, branded with your company logo and your custom URL. Set your team’s style guide and keep all team folios (projects) effortlessly ‘on brand.’ Pick colors from your website. Add custom fonts. Update the style guide as you work with different clients and target new leads.

Naturally organized

Manage with confidence

Group documents by category – project, client, asset type, etc. Tag folios in multiple channels, keep your presentations organized however you need. Control access levels. Work with colleagues and clients on collaboration channels. Track team activity with in-app notifications and engagement with folio stats.

Collaboration Channels

Significantly efficient

No more switching between tools

Copy and merge folios, reuse elements from different projects. Save your own templates. You can even embed on your website. Forget the output and focus on your work. Folios are responsive, live web pages, full-screen digital presentations and exportable PDF/PNGs all-in-one.

Extremely secure

Your team, your data

All plans include 128 bit SSL encryption and backups. Add and remove users at any time, all collateral remains inside the team. Add password protection to shared links or turn link sharing on/off.

Link Sharing
Xtensio is the easiest way for teams to create, manage and share beautiful living documents.

145,294 users and counting…