Xtensio for Public Relations

Efficiently build and protect strong media reputations

Create, share and manage key collateral on a single platform.


Xtensio brings your organization’s strategic communications together with living documents and presentations. Build and share any collateral you need with the editor. Your deliverables adapt as your media relationships progress. Whether you’re counseling management for a press conference, analyzing public opinion, or writing, revising and publishing press releases, Xtensio is where your team’s work flows.

Automatically create branded collateral – without a designer

Build anything from strategic business docs, customer personas, proposals, one-pagers and landing pages with the ease of a web builder. Then quickly and easily reuse, update and personalize content for different customers.

CreateSave time on design

Everyone on the team becomes a designer. Drag and drop interactive modules – image, video, graphs, charts. Change the color, background or size. Adjust the layout however you need.

Effortlessly brand deliverables

Define your team’s style guide with your company’s fonts and color palette to lock branding across the team. Customize shared links and add passwords to keep your organization’s collateral private and secure.

Reduce email chains

Work as a team across departments and management. Loop in stakeholders and partners as guests. Everyone is always up-to-date and your inbox is clutter free.

Built for implementing innovative campaigns

Deliver visually stunning living documents and presentations that engage and captivate.

Icons_ShareShare a live web link

Send important collateral as a customizable web link. Add password protection. No more sending multiple attachments and versions with every update to a document.

Icons_PresentPresent a digital slideshow

With one click, your folio turns into a digital slideshow. Present an engaging and interactive sales pitch from anywhere. Each section of the folio becomes a slide.

Icons_DownloadDownload a PDF or PNG file

No matter how much you try to move completely to digital, some collateral will need to be saved as a hard copy. Export your entire folio or individual elements as PDF or PNG files.

Centralized communications to establish effective processes

Xtensio for Business offers a private and branded workspace for connecting your PR, marketing, sales and management teams with the collateral everyone needs to align expectations and meet campaign objectives.

Icons_Define-your-framework Easily define your toolkit

Quickly and easily customize content for different projects. Save any folio as a custom template for your team to reuse again and again. Embed it on your website to build your brand.

Icons_Manage projectsMeet tight deadlines

Centralize projects on all fronts and keep everything organized with channels — client, campaign, task, etc. Add team members to collaborate. Or customize and share a channel link to showcase a group of folios.

Icons_Keep-trackAlways be up-to-date

Keep track of your team’s workflow with in-app notifications and track engagement with folio stats. Adjust for efficiency and identify new opportunities.

For your team’s inspiration

Utilize our templates and resources for different stages of implementing your PR strategy — from uncovering your ideal product-market fit to creating press releases and presentations or internal strategy exercises, sales reports and other marketing collateral. Remember, you can always start with a blank slate to build anything you need.


Smart and professional layouts with instructional placeholder copy. Save any template as a folio and start editing to make your own.

Recent Editable Examples

Add to your dashboard with one click and use it as a starting point for your own project. Companies, concepts, people, and names below are imaginary. Designs and layouts are for your inspiration.

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Xtensio's Current Users
Xtensio's Current Users

Xtensio allows us to create attractive deliverables for us to share with clients and get feedback. We’re able to quickly make repeatable templates again and again.


Anna Yunker

VP Digital Marketing, Aztek Web

Simple to use, lots of templates, online and easily editable. A great marketing tool to brainstorm ideas, create personas and develop strategies.


Robin Eyre

Owner, Trailblazer360

Creating buyer personas and beautiful client-facing documents has never been easier. Definitely better than your standard agency deck or PPT presentation.

Zac Heisey

Digital Marketing, Tribe Interactive

Xtensio is your team space for beautiful living documentsCreate, manage and share business collateral, easily.

Try any template for free. No account or credit card required.