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Tips & Tricks: Xtensio’s Toolbar

The ultimate guide to mastering Xtensio’s toolbar.

In this guide, you will find the various editing features that are contained within our toolbar located at the top of your folio, just below the navigation bar. Each tip will have easy-to-follow instructions along with a short GIF to walk you through it. This guide will be updated periodically so feel free to check in occasionally for more tips!

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Format Text Styles

  • Use the text editor to italicize, underline, or bold your text.
  • Define the hierarchy of your content by manually adjusting the font size or font family.
  • Or, you can use one of Xtensio’s preset text styles using the Paragraph Stylings button and select Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.

Text Editor


Insert Images

  • Click the “Insert Image” button and you’ll see two options.
  • To upload an image from your computer, clicking and browse or dragging and dropping the image.
  • To use a weblink, click the link icon and past the direct image URL in.
  • After the image is uploaded, you have several additional options: Click and drag the corners to resize the images, adjust alignment, make it a clickable link, and more.

Import Image


Insert Videos

  • Insert a video by selecting “Insert Video” from the toolbar.
  • Either paste a video url or go to “Code view” and paste the embed video code.

Import Video


Insert Text Links and Tables

  • First, highlight the words you want to be linked and then click the “Link” button from the toolbar.
  • Then paste in the url. You can also choose whether to have the link open in a new tab.
  • You can also insert a table using the “Table” button.
  • The table size maxes at 10×10 but you can add several charts together if you want more rows and columns. Also, since the table is transparent, the background images and colors will show through the table.
  • When you click into the table, you’ll find more table formatting options.



Alignments and Indents

  • You can change the alignment of both text or images.
  • You can align items to the left, center, or right. Indent left or right if you want to nest content under another section or title.



Undo and Redo

  • If you make a mistake in a text module, you have the option to undo the text changes you made.
  • The undo and redo actions only affect the changes made within the same module. That means if you click into another module, you can undo or redo those changes even if you made recent edits in another module.



We hope you now have a better understanding of how to modify text using our toolbar. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message inside the app or give us a tweet at @Xtensio.


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