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Keep everyone and everything ‘on brand.’ 

With Xtensio’s Business plan, you can now customize the font styles and colors (coming soon) available for your team when creating new folios.  Whether your team is creating strategic and visual collateral specifically for your brand, or you’re using Xtensio to create deliverables for a variety of clients, you can set what font styles and colors are available for your team to use. The custom style guide helps preserve brand integrity in all documentation and deliverables.


Xtensio’s update includes several major benefits for teams.

  • Effortlessly branded documents. Add Google, Xtensio or system fonts to your style guide, set the default font and remove the fonts you don’t need.
  • Seamless integration for your whole team. Team owners and admins control the style guide for all team members and guests. Any folio created under the team will automatically have the default font style and colors applied.
  • Preserve brand integrity with ease. By customizing what font styles and colors your team can use, you’ll be able to keep the whole team ‘on brand’ on all collateral created under your team account.

Manage fonts

To customize your team’s style guide, you can add new fonts from Google, the system or Xtensio’s pre-set fonts. Choose fonts that your team regularly uses when creating brand deliverables. These could be your organization’s fonts or you can add the most popular fonts you use when creating client collateral.

  • Locate the ‘style guide’ under your profile menu on your team dashboard.
  • Search and add fonts.

Change your team’s default font style

By changing your team’s default font settings, all new folios created by any team member on the team will have this font automatically applied. This takes the confusion out of preserving brand integrity and streamlines your team’s creation process. For teams creating in-house collateral, set the default font to align with your organizations’ style guide. For teams creating many different branded documents for different clients, set your most-used font style as the default font and make other commonly used fonts available.

  • Mark the star next to the font you want to set as your team’s default setting.
  • Click the X next to fonts that your team doesn’t regularly use to remove them from your team’s available fonts. This will cut out confusion by limiting the fonts available for team members and guests. Plus, the less number of fonts available, the faster your folios will load.

All together now!

Now that you’ve added fonts to your library, set the default font and removed unused fonts, your team is ready to start creating branded deliverables with ease. Every folio you or any of your team members make under the Business plan will have the updated style guide available in the editor. All new folios created from templates or a blank slate will have the default font applied. No more triple-checking your work just to make sure your fonts are aligned with your branding!

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