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Tips & Tricks: Share, Present, Export, and More

Rethink how you share documents.

Xtensio is one of the best document creators on the web because there are so many ways to share your work. By default, your folio is completely private and only viewable by you. But when you’re ready to share, you have tons of options to pick from.

  • Share a web link just like a webpage
  • Embed it on your own website
  • Export a PDF or PNG (premium feature)
  • Present sections as full-screen slides
  • Transfer ownership to someone else

Use this guide to better understand how to share, present, and export your folios. Each tip will have easy-to-follow instructions along with a short GIF to walk you through it. This guide will be updated periodically so feel free to check in occasionally for more tips!

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Share a Web Link

  • Go to “Get Link” and turn on link sharing. If you have Xtensio Business, you have the ability to customize your folio link and password protect your folio. You’ll then have three tabs to choose from.
  • URL – You can copy and paste the direct folio URL or even share it on social. The direct web view of your folio essentially functions as any normal web page. It’s responsive and viewable on any device.
  • Email  You can directly send an email to your colleague to view your folio. Just enter an email and include an optional message.
  • Embed – You can grab an “iframe” code that allows you to paste HTML code into your website or blog. More details can be found here.

Share your folio


Export a PDF or PNG (premium feature)

  • To export your folio, select “Download” from the navigation toolbar. 
  • If you’d like to export a PDF, you have additional options to customize the size, layout, and page-breaks of your PDF.
  • If you’d like to export a PNG, switch over to the PNG tab and click “Export PNG.”
  • You can find more comprehensive instructions on a separate post here.

preview and export

Present in Full Screen

  • To go into full screen presentation mode, select “Present” from the navigation toolbar.
  • Each section of your folio will appear as a single slide. If a section’s content extends pass the viewport, you will be able to scroll up and down on the slide.
  • Navigate through each section using your left and right arrow keys or click on the arrows in the top right corner.
  • If you press Esc one time you will go into a reduced full-screen version to include. If you press Esc again you will exit presentation mode altogether. Clicking the “Exit” button in the top right will immediately remove you from presentation mode as well.

Pitch Deck Template

Transfer Folio Ownership

  • To transfer ownership of your folio to someone else, select “Transfer Folio” from the dropdown menu.
  • Search for the email of the individual you would like to transfer your folio to.
  • If the email address is found as a user in our system, you can add a message and transfer it over to him/her.
  • If the email address is not found in our system, the recipient will receive an email asking him/her to sign up. After signing up, he/she will can accept the folio on their dashboard.

 Transfer your folio

That’s it! Now, you should have a better understanding of the many ways you can share your folio whether it be sending a direct link, exporting it as a PDF or PNG, presenting in full-screen, or transferring ownership to someone else. If you have any other questions, feel free to send us a message inside the app or give us a tweet at @Xtensio_com. We hope you found these tips useful!


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