Tips & Tricks: Saving your own templates

Save custom templates, optimize your workflow.

With the Xtensio Business plans, you can create and save your own templates, use them privately or share with internal teams, across departments, and clients. You can even publish templates and share with the world; perfect for marketers, designers, consultants, educators, and entrepreneurs.

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Build Your Own Toolbox.

  • Save any folio as a template. Customize one of Xtensio’s pre-made templates or create something from scratch. Click the 3-dot folio menu, both on your dashboard or in edit view. Then click ‘Save as Template’
  • View and edit your templates. Click the ‘Templates’ tab at the top left of your dashboard view and select ‘My Templates’ to see all saved templates.

Use your templates privately or share with the world.

  • By default, your templates are set to private. In private, only you will be able to to use it.
  • Turn link sharing on to publish and share. Copy the template URL, email it to colleagues or clients directly, or embed it into your website to share with potential customers. Your viewers can make a copy of your folios and start editing.
  • You can even add password protection. That way only people who have the password can access and use the template.

Keep tabs with Template Stats.

  • See basic analytics for your custom templates. Click the 3-dot template menu under ‘My Templates’.
  • Select ‘Template stats’. View how many times it’s been used, viewed, how many edits have been made, and more.

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