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Tips & Tricks: Working with Modules

Everything you need to know about modules.

Think of modules as a single moveable unit of your folio. You can adjust their size, customize their color, and stack them within canvases. Each tip will have easy-to-follow instructions along with a short GIF to walk you through it. This guide will be updated periodically so feel free to check in occasionally for more tips!


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Move and Resize

  • To move a module, simply click and drag on the move icon on the top left corner of the module.
  • To resize a module, you can click and drag on the left or right handles of a module along the side. The contents will automatically adjust.

Xtensio Module Resize


Add Background Image or Color

  • To add a background image, click on the “More” icon and click “Background.” Upload an image or select an image from our gallery.
  • To add a background color, click “Background Color” in the same menu. Select a preset color or enter a hex code.
  • If you decide that you don’t like the changes you’ve made you have the option to reset the background back to its original form.

text module background



  • To duplicate a module, go to the dropdown menu and select “Duplicate.” This will save you a lot of time if you want to copy the style of a module you’ve already made.

Duplicate Module



  • To share a module, go to the dropdown menu and select “Share.” You must turn on link sharing. Sharing a module is useful when you only want to share a portion of your folio.
  • Additionally, you can email this module, or embed it somewhere on your website.
  • If you have Xtensio Plus, you can also password protect your module.

Share Module


  • To export a module, go to the dropdown menu and select “Export.” This is useful when you want to export only a specific portion of your folio.

Custom Export Modules


Delete (Forever)

  • If you want to delete a module, select “Delete” from the dropdown menu. A pop window will ask a second time if you want to delete the module.
  • Be careful, once deleted, you will not be able to recover a module.

Delete Module

All Together Now

Now put these tips all together! Our folios are meant to be responsive web pages. You may have noticed that our modules automatically float slightly up and left, this is to make them fit on all screen sizes.

And one of the best features of modules is that they stack! You can compose as many as you’d like in a blank canvas and different sections in a folio. Our folios are flexible. Now put these tips & tricks to use.


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