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Tips & Tricks: Working with Canvases

Your ultimate guide to the canvases.

The Blank Canvas. It’s in the name. A blank canvas is a tool that you can use in any folio to commit your vision to a blank page. Start from scratch. The blank canvas is the most flexible canvas we have. You can divide content into columns and stack different modules in the canvas. Or utilize the User Persona, Business Model Canvas, or Lean Canvas to incorporate your favorite features from those folios.

Each tip will have a breakdown of an editing trick into easy-to-follow steps along with a short video. This guide will be continually updated so feel free to check in occasionally for more tips!


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Add and Adjust Columns

  • You can adjust the number of columns in the blank canvas by going to the dropdown menu on the left and selecting a number of columns from 1 through 6.
  • Perhaps your layout changed or you want to make one column larger than the other. You can adjust the width of your columns by clicking and dragging at the column dividers.

Adjust Columns

Drag, Drop, and Stack Modules

  • If you have several modules in your blank canvas you may want to change the order of your modules or pull one out to stand on its own. Simply click and drag the move icon on the selected modules.
  • You can add and stack as many modules as you’d like in a blank canvas.

Drag Modules in Canvasses

Change Color Scheme

  • Changing color scheme affects all headings in text modules, and all graphic modules (sliders, pie chart, bar graph).
  • Under the dropdown menu on your blank canvas, go to “Color scheme” and choose from our color gallery or insert a hex code to create the color scheme you want.

Change Color Schemes

The Persona, Business Model, and Lean Canvases

Other Templates

Share or Export or Duplicate or Delete

  • To export go to the section dropdown menu and select “Export.” Exporting a section as a PDF or PNG is only possible with Xtensio Plus. Read more of the export function in a blog post here.
  • To share a module, go to the dropdown menu and select “Share.” You must turn on link sharing for your folio. You can share the blank canvas as a URL, email, or HTML code for embedding purposes.
  • To duplicate a blank canvas, go to the dropdown menu and select “Duplicate.” A duplicate will appear just below the same canvas.
  • If you want to delete a section, select “Delete” from the dropdown menu. Be careful, once deleted, you will not be able to recover a deleted section.

All Together Now

Now put these tips all together! Our folios are meant to be responsive web pages. With a better understanding of the blank canvas you can improve the layout and display of your folios.


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