Product Updates

The biggest Xtensio updates

Similar to the Lean Canvas, the Business Model Canvas
 guides you to fine tune your business model, bringing 
in key partners and customer relationships to assess
 your unique value proposition.

We just released the biggest Xtensio update since we first launched the platform! If you’ve been following along since May, you might have noticed some huge changes since then.

All New User Interface

New Navigation All of the dropdown menus and pop-ups have received a facelift to help you navigate more easily. We’ve integrated the text toolbar as well as the syncing/saving notifications to the navigation bar. We’ve also added a new way for you to change your folio name, right at the top of the folio itself.

New Competitive Analysis Tool

Competitive Analysis

We’ve introduced a brand new tool to your toolbox. Say hello to Xtensio’s Competitive Analysis tool, where you can dissect all of your competition on one sheet. Visualize market share by competitor, dive into each competitor’s strengths/weaknesses, elaborate on their products/services.

New Modules (And Canvases)


When you hit the “+ Add” button your navigation, you’ll be able to toggle between adding modules and canvases. New modules include: bar charts, sliders, social buttons and more. Under canvases, you can now add personas, lean canvasses, and more to your folio.

Increased Privacy Options

Link Sharing

All of your folios are automatically private and for your eyes only. Once you turn on “Link Sharing” then you’ll have the option to share your folios via social media, email, or embedding.

What other updates are your looking for? Give us a shout using the chat bubble in the app!

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