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Xtensio helped my company raise $200K. The investor saw our lean canvas and sealed the deal 3 months later.

Ben Cary

Founder, CapWize

I LOVE Xtensio. Thank you for making my life easy and for helping to ensure my deliverables look professional!

Jennifer Alt

Freelance UI/UX Designer, Jennifer Alt Design

Xtensio makes my life much easier! As a consultant, it helps me simplify complex concepts to my clients. And it’s visually impressive. I already received so many compliments.

Grace Ghunaim

Founder & Chief Strategist, Evolvex

Xtensio is one of the best collaborating tools I have ever worked on. It is also amazing when working remote. Everyone that I tell about Xtensio is blown away.

Humma Arshad

Salesforce Project Manager, Bugendai Tech

Simple to use, lots of templates, online and easily editable. A great marketing tool to brainstorm ideas, create personas and develop strategies.

Robin Eyre

Owner, Trailblazer360

We use Xtensio both internally and on client projects. Creating beautiful client-facing documents has never been easier. Definitely better than your standard agency deck or PPT presentation.

Zac Heisey

Director of Digital Marketing, Tribe Interactive

Xtensio makes it so much easier to get things done, focusing on the content rather than the format or presentation. 

Gaby Prado

Executive Director, Independent Strategy, Research & Design Consultant / Mentor

Xtensio is a huge timesaver for me! I can focus on the important things; what to communicate in documents and presentations, not how to make them attractive.

Jenny Johansson

UX Manager, Visma

Xtensio provides some great templates to bring together all the elements I need to successfully develop my marketing campaign briefs.

Jacklyn Swiecicki

Marketing Manager, Engineering Education Australia

The team templates approach has been really helpful in terms of standardising the way we create and design factsheet content. It facilitates collaboration between more design-savvy users and expert content creators. 

Jeff Schenck

Product Marketing Manager, Linedata

Xtensio is high-quality and easy-to-use. The templates make it easy to create and share landing pages and fundraising materials, and the pages are mobile responsive.

Adam Sher

CEO, AccuTennis

Xtensio allows us to create attractive deliverables for us to share with clients and get feedback. We’re able to quickly make repeatable templates again and again.

Anna Yunker

Content Strategist, Aztek Digital Agency

It can be challenging to create a unified message that resonates with our constituents while keeping the message impactful and on brand. That’s where Xtensio comes in. It provides a straight forward, intuitive, solution and we’re lucky to have it.

Aaron Friedland

Executive Director, The Walking School Bus

Xtensio is my PRO Agency tool where I can collaborate with my team on projects and build out my own branded templates to use in presenting my clients brand visual work kits. 

Robin Bramman

Founder and Chief Brand Mixologist, Brandtini

Xtensio has saved me TONS of time from creating personas from scratch in Illustrator. Really enjoying using it and I’m getting really great feedback from my team.

Alix Han

VP Product Experience, C-SATS

Xtensio is graphical, visually impactful, intuitive, and fully customizable – with no need for a learning curve. As soon as you see it and start working on it, you can figure out how to change all the sections to suit your needs.

Charles Dimov

VP Marketing, Strategy D

Xtensio is a must have tool for startups, UI/UX and Product Management professionals to create the following templates and demo product direction. I highly recommend using Xtensio!

Apurva Pathak

Technical Product Manager, Verizon Communications

We needed to have a ‘place’ to collaborate, and also requires that we present information to others. In the past, we’ve used Asana to work together, and PowerPoint to present to other stakeholders. Xtensio replaces the need for both brilliantly. 

David Nason

CEO/Founder, Hirebrain

We use best in class tools to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Xtensio’s s perfect in helping us achieve that goal. It’s very flexible and easy to use, making client deliverables very versatile and reusable across different product and market types.

Stephen Paterson

Chief Product Officer, AND Digital

 Xtensio to craft appealing and effective one-pagers and landing pages. The ease of customization and user-friendly platform helps us craft compelling documents with minimal effort.

Olakunle Oladehin

Executive Director, Everybody Dance Now!

There’s a lot of stuff out there, but I would rather use the best there is. I use Xtensio, because it’s the best there is – elegant, competent and adaptable.

Jerome Katz

Professor of Entrepreneurship, St. Louis University

Love this product. These are the crucial tools I work with on a weekly/monthly basis. 

Marc Anthony Rosa

Product Manager, Dose Studios

This is amazing. I just created a really basic press kit in minutes – something that I’ve been putting off for ages. So simple.

Jake Peters

CEO, HelpDocs

The Xtensio tools are great to showcase what matters in our start-up. We have all the confidence that they offer exactly what we need.

Robert L. Eikelboom

Founding Partner, Social Media Mavericks

Xtensio is a user-friendly marketing tool. Clean, beautiful graphics and simple designs… all-around a neat extension in our marketing toolbox.

Bryan Korsakoff

Owner, B. Klean Premier Cleaning Service

It’s the best tool to use to describe your business to others and just getting your message out there to get a crowd. Xtensio is the perfect tool to present your business.

Arthur van de Graaf

Founder, Get a Crowd

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Using Xtensio’s live links to launch client campaigns

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With Xtensio, users can access an easy-to-use platform that allows them to create, collaborate, share and present their projects. The platform allows small businesses to visualize their ideas in a smart, simple-to-follow workflow that also offers the design capabilities of a website builder, with the functionality of a content management system. Read Full Post

John Siegel

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Stryve digital marketing “Must-Have Digital Agency Tool.”

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Ryan Burgio


“Do less work and get more done using Fake Crow’s platform.”

Fake Crow has found success in creating minimal viable products (MVPs) for young and mid-level companies… The Xtensio platform features templates for entrepreneurs or agencies to use as an early-stage toolset to build their ideas in a lean, streamlined fashion. Read Full Post

Patrick Hechinger

BeMyCTO “I think it could be a nice tool for tech entrepreneurs.”

Xtensio is a simple WebPage builder. There are tons of them. But what is different here is it offers many modules and concrete templates that can be used as business tools.

Lucas Corbeaux

logo_designhooks “This is a simple and intuitive app made by talented UI/UX designers.”

It’s easy to use and includes lots of great features, you can use it to easily create different user personas and share them with others. Read Full Post


Epic Presence Logo

“These content marketing tools are changing the way we work. Xtensio makes the transformations easier.'”

Content creators and marketing teams can collaborate on Xtensio folios, which can easily be shared, downloaded and transformed from document to slideshow. Perhaps best of all, Xtensio is free to use, allowing content marketers to get the most from their best content without an onerous investment. Read Full Post

The Epic Presence Team

Lusha Logo

“Xtensio is one of the best lead generation tools.” 

Xtensio is an innovative solution that lets you build website landing pages that can also be displayed as slide decks and documents. Read Full Post


Startup Daily “Xtensio may be a great tool to enable a team to progress towards ‘idea fit.'”

What Los Angeles-based startup Xtensio provides is a technology platform for nascent entrepreneurs or experienced entrepreneurs looking to build new, cutting-edge technology or a disruptive business model, to define and develop this value proposition from scratch. Read Full Post

Tasnuva Bindi

logo_gearmark “This saves us weeks of time.”

With Xtensio, we’re able to focus on telling the story rather than spending time creating an original presentation. This saves us weeks of time. Read Full Post

Mary Brodie

logo_strategyd “Xtensio is the clear winner.”

Xtensio received top marks for ease of use, speed, thoroughness, adaptability, graphic format, clear results and immediacy of results. Read Full Post

Charles Dimov

Xtensio is your team space for beautiful living documentsCreate, manage and share business collateral, easily.

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