Team Space

The Basics

Welcome to your ultimate productivity platform.

Xtensio for Business is your organization’s private and branded collaborative hub for creating, presenting and managing all of your visual and strategic collateral. Loop in clients and stakeholders to collaborate in real-time, control access levels and manage your team’s workflow. 

Manage your team

Collaborate with team members, clients, and stakeholders and control users’ access. Here are the different roles users can have:


Switch between your dashboards

You can login to your Team Space directly via your team’s URL (e.g. [TeamName]

You can also switch between your personal dashboard and the Team dashboard through the profile menu.

Import folios

Transfer folios from your personal dashboard to your team dashboard via the profile menu. If you had collaborators added to imported folios, they will be removed and you’ll be able to add them again as team members or guests. All imported folio links will be updated with your team URL. Xtensio for Business is extra private and extra secure:  All folios transferred to or created in the Team Space stays within the Team Space.

Simplify work.

Organize your folios with Channels  

Share a batch of folios with your team members and clients to keep everyone on track. Group your folios by category: template type, client, department, etc. Assign multiple channels to any folio. Customize the channel’s landing page or add a password. Learn how. 

Share, present and export

Stop jumping from platform to platform. Flexibly create and display your folios any way you need. Share it as a live, responsive link. Present it like a slide show. Export it as a PDF or PNG. Learn more.

Track progress with Folio Stats

Keep tabs on your team’s work. View basic analytics of your folios to see open rate, how many collaborators have access to the folio, how many edits have been made to the folio and more.  

Build your toolkit.

Xtensio’s templates are live, guiding documents to give you a quick start.

Utilize complete toolboxes

Frameworks for every step of your process, from strategy and operations to bizdev and marketing. Toolboxes include templates with instructions, editable examples, and ‘how-to’ guides.

Save custom templates

Personalize one of the premade templates specifically for your company or create your own template for the team to use again and again. Share your templates with the Xtensio community. Learn how.

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