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Xtensio Product Updates June 2017

Xtensio Product Updates June 2017

New pricing tiers. A bit of history on how we got here as a self-sustaining startup. Gearing up for Team Space. Here are insights and product updates from last month. Our users who’ve been with us since the early days will remember this: Xtensio was free, with...

Our Co-founder & Product Lead on “The App Guy” Podcast

Our Co-founder & Product Lead extraordinaire, Alper Cakir was Paul Kemp’s guest on “The App Guy” this week. He talks about risks and rewards of entrepreneurship, building the startup friendly creative agency Fake Crow with zero investment, and...

It’s coming along!

Xtensio is the quickest tool for entrepreneurs and startups to visualize their business profile. In short, we are designing a DIY graphics toolset. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs create a clean overview of their company, with beautiful graphics. No need for...

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