Product Updates

Simplifying flows and
optimizing the free plan

New custom fonts, folio color scheme option, background 
image placement and a CTA button. Bug fixes and more. 
Here are Xtensio’s product updates from November 2019
 through March 2020.

Simplifying in-app flows, optimizing the free plan and adding new modules. New custom fonts, folio color scheme option, background image placement and a CTA button. Bug fixes and more. Here are Xtensio’s product updates from November 2019 through March 2020.

Simplifying flows and optimizing the free plan

Xtensio Welcome new user

With all the team collaboration and brand customization features we worked on throughout the last couple of years there were a lot of minor flows and confusion points in the app that needed simplification and clarification. That being said, the past few months have been spent cleaning up users on old personal dashboards, organizing collaboration flows and blockers to clarify things in the app and generally simplifying the platform.

Here are the key takeaways from the past quarter:

  • We removed personal dashboards and moved all of these users over to team workspaces. We also continued purging old accounts to clean up the system.
  • We downgraded all expired trials to the free plan.
  • All grandfathered plans were moved onto our current pricing.
  • Single-folio guests were removed from team user roles to simplify collaboration.
  • We removed export credits as an add-on feature and instead made PNG exports part of the free plan (including Xtensio branding). PDF exports are now a premium feature only.
  • All new free folios are now public. Privacy control was added as a premium feature.
  • A limit on the number of modules (80) that can be added to a single folio was added to the free plan; a blocker was added for premium plans.
  • We also added a limit on the number of persona (2) that can be added to a single folio on the free plan.

Aside from these cleanup, clarification and optimization tasks, we’ve been working hard to add new features, templates and channels to support our growing user base! We updated the affiliate program to add a special offer for their referrals to start with 25% off premium plans. And our special discounts program was optimized to include payment by invoice. We also began a couple of large, ongoing projects: An SEO project to plan for our upcoming user-generated content channel and a project to collect and show weekly team insights for ongoing engagement and retention efforts.


NEW! Modules & Features

create and manage task lists online

Task List Module

The new Task List module is the easiest way to create and manage checklists inside live docs. Add tasks and move them between multiple lists, update task status, show or hide the progress for anything from super simple to detailed checklists.

create an interactive bar-line chart in under 10 seconds

Vertical Bar/Line Chart

We also added a new vertical chart module that makes it easy to create an interactive bar/line chart in under 10 seconds! Plugin numbers, drag and drop data points and switch between line and bar graphs. These are just the first of many new modules coming your way. Stay tuned!

Upload custom fonts

The Business Plan now offers additional custom font options. Upload your brand fonts to the shared style guide to keep consistent branding across all of your collateral.

Style Guide - Upload custom fonts
Style Guide - Folio color scheme

Folio color scheme

Instantly update an entire folio’s color scheme to match your branding. Change the folio’s color scheme to update all header, chart and graph colors and match your organization’s branding with one click.


CTA button 

Create more interactive collateral with the new CTA button. Add a button that links to any outside URL.

Create interactive collateral with the new CTA button
How to Position Background Images

Background image placement

No more cropping backgrounds! Adjust background images right in the editor to show the portion you need.

Editor & Dashboard Optimizations

Xtensio Editor and Dashboard optimizations

Along with focussing on simplifying plans, workspaces and user roles, we’ve made some optimizations and clarifications in the app to clarify features and simpify the experience.

  • Tooltips were added and optimized througout the app. We went from using a third-party system to hosting these on our own admin panel.
  • The blank canvas was added as the first option on the new module pop-up.
  • Module, canvas and section menus were optimized for better discoverability. Section menus moved to the left. Dividers between menu icons were removed. Background, add + and color scheme options were moved to the main menu rather than the “more” dropdown.
  • A new placeholder image was added to the image module, replacing the old Fake Crow logo.
  • An option to duplicate the folio was added in the edit view.
  • We simplified the dashboard view and pop-ups in the app for speed and performance.
  • Users now land on the last active channel they were in, and new folios are added to the last active channel by default.
  • A preview option was added to the folio card on the dashboard view.
  • We also updated the placeholder image on the custom templates page empty state.
  • The examples page is now linked in the app on the dashboard.
  • “Blank slate” was updated to “Blank folio” on the new folio dropdown.
  • Notifications were updated and clarified to support the simplified flows.

We also put more effort on optimizing the app for mobile and refining onboarding and activiation efforts across the board.

New Templates

We really got into the flow of regularly adding new templates to the app each months as we’ve been preparing for an upcoming user-gererated content project on the horizon. Here are the templates added so far this year:

UX Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Bug fixes and UX optimizations are ongoing, especially when you’re simplifying processes and adding new features and modules. Here are some of the major UX optimizations and bug fixes from the past few months.

  • We discovered and fixed a bug with biling where a non-registered user was added and removed to a team, but the user was not removed from billing. We updated and verified all teams that were affected and fixed the bug moving forward.
  • A couple of bugs when transferring folios were resolved: disappearing from the dashboard and appearing without a channel.
  • An issue with private channels was also fixed where folios went missing when users were added/removed from the channel.
  • There was also a bug preventing team members from seeing shared team templates that was resolved.
  • And an issue adding non-existing users to collaborate on a folio that was also resolved.
  • We fixed a bug where the folio and channel count was off on the team management pop-up.
  • There were also a few bugs with notifications that were fixed. In particuarl, an issue where notifications weren’t connected to an action and appeared under the date December 31st.
  • Xtensio branding was appearing on shared cahnnels on Pro/Business accounts which has now been fixed.
  • A bug preventing Business users from adding passwords has also been fixed.
  • We made optimizations to the connection and sync error messages for clarifciation.
  • A bug that was hiding videos from shared versions of folios was resolved.
  • Changing module backgrounds was inadvertantly changing a canvas background. This was fixed.
  • Duplicating a canvas also added the duplicate with a white background which was also fixed.
  • There was a bug where section background colors/images were not filling the page on exports that was resolved.
  • “Currently live” was appearing twice on revision history when reverting to another version. It now only shows on the live version of the folio.
  • Using bullets next to embedded URLs was causing the link preview to disappear. This issue was fixed. 
  • The alphabetical sorting option on the dashboard was off and soon fixed.
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