Product Updates

Restructuring plans and
 refining team collaboration

New collaborative channels, custom colors, export credits.
Bug fixes and more. Here are Xtensio product updates
from October 2018 through May 2019.

Restructuring plans, refining team collaboration and optimizing the editor. New collaborative channels, custom colors, export credits. Bug fixes and more. Here are Xtensio product updates from October 2018 through May 2019.

Optimizing teams and building trials

Xtensio New User Welcome Screen

Following the path we set out on in 2018, we continued fine-tuning team collaboration and Xtensio’s position as a business communications platform by optimizing our plans further. Like the earlier part of the year, this meant more and more bug fixes, refinements to team user roles, additions of new features and editor updates.

The major changes to Xtensio’s plans include (yet barely scratch the surface):

  • A new Xtensio PRO plan was added as a subscription option (starting at $15 / month / seat)
  • Xtensio Business pricing was simplified as a per seat purchase (starting at $25 / month / seat)
  • Export Credits were added as a one-time purchase for occasional users to download PDF or PNGs without Xtensio branding
  • Discount packages were structured for qualifying Early Stage Startups, Nonprofits, students and faculty members
  • FREE Premium Trials were built and implemented for all new free accounts

Along with refining packages, we added collaboration channels, made optimizations to the editing experience, style guide and simplified team collaboration in general…more details on these later. Generally speaking, a lot of work over the past few months has gone into clarifying Xtensio as a product and where the product fits in the market, much of which has gone on from the backend. We spent the early months of 2019 refining our stack; switching back and forth between customer communications platforms, adding new analytics and onboarding tools, refining tooltips, messaging and general user flows. Of course, there were bumps and bugs along the way that we had to clear up. But overall, it’s been a productive and positive few months!

NEW! Features 

Xtensio new features and collaboration channel

Collaboration Channels

During the last quarter of 2018, we built, implemented and refined collaboration channels. This feature answered to teams who wanted to collaborate on groups of folios on their team workspace. Collaboration Channels allow for versatile dashboard organization and easy team collaboration.

Since folios can be tagged in multiple channels, this project touched on a lot of team collaboration and sharing settings that took us on a deep dive into some different user flows.  Here’s a quick overview of what collaboration channels can do:

  • There are two levels of channel access
    • Team Visible: Shares access will all team members so they can collaborate on folios in the channel and add their own. This makes it easy to give everyone collaboration access to shared team collateral. 
    • Private: Use the channels to organize your own dashboard and add individual team members and guests as collaborators when needed.
  • Premium Guests can be added to both Team Visible and Private channels, so you can give clients and other external stakeholders collaboration access to folios related to a certain project, but not all of your team channels. 
  • For external sharing, you can share channels on a customizable webpage with links to each folio.
Xtensio style guide and custom colors update

Custom Colors added to the Style Guide

Following the addition of the Team Style Guide and custom fonts, we added a custom colors feature. Team owners and admins can customize the shared color palette and default color by picking from a website (yours or a client’s) or by adding colors individually. This is another step in keeping brand continuity across team deliverables. 

Editor Optimizations

Xtensio template editor update

After focussing a lot of time on team collaboration, we turned our focus more on the editor towards the beginning of 2019. This included making some optimizations and improvements to clarify features that were already in the editor, and gearing up for a more intensive optimization to the editor. 

  • We saw some confusion with using canvases to control the design layout, so we added a blank canvas to each new section added to a folio. 
  • The canvas menu also got a facelift – the add module, columns and color scheme icons were all moved to the top left canvas menu for easier visibility.
  • The image module was updated so you can link an image, matching the functionality when adding images from the toolbar.
  • The video module was also updated to match the functionality on the toolbar. You can now add an image from a link or embed on the video module.
  • Google + was removed from the social icon module after saying its final goodbye, and replaced with YouTube and Pinterest.
  • The tag module was optimized to prevent text from running over the label.
  • The last edited module is now always highlighted in the editor to clarify design functionality. 
  • With the updates to the team style guide, we made some optimizations to the preset fonts and colors, adding pure white and 20 and 40 font size.

Along with these updates to the editor, we began refining our onboarding and activation efforts more. We optimized and implemented the help center in the app. And we launched a recurring webinar series, which you can watch here.

UX Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Along with differentiating our plans, adding new features and optimizing the editor, we also made some UX optimizations and bug fixes that went along with these other updates.

  • We continued clarifying onboarding and activation with tooltips and guides from Pendo.
  • We are continually monitoring and optimizing the auto-save/sync feature. We saw some larger teams experiencing issues with long load times and made improvements to resolve this.
  • When exporting a PDF in pages/slides, we added a setting so that the background color/image will fill the page, resolving a lot of issues users were seeing with the exporter.
  • We also resolved a bug causing a duplicate section to appear on a PNG export. 
  • There was a bug preventing new users from signing up from a template that was resolved, and a bug that prevented existing users from creating a new folio from a blank slate or template that was also fixed.
  • With the addition of collaboration channels, we had a few different collaboration functions to optimize, including fixing a bug where team members weren’t added as collaborators to folios in a team visible channel, a bug preventing users from adding collaborators in the editor and another bug where Single Folio Guests were able to be added to channels (multiple folios). And another bug where adding new users as collaborators was causing a duplicating invitation and charge. 
  • A few more channel bugs that were fixed: a channel owner was not able to delete a channel, it was not possible to delete the default channel from a folio, a bug that caused folios to go missing when switching them between channels, and UI improvements when loading channel views.
  • We fixed a bug preventing Business users from adding password protection.
  • And a bug that prevented users from deleting custom templates.
  • Some users were seeing issues when duplicating an image module and replacing the image, it would revert to the original image. We also resolved this issue.
  • And we fixed a bug where the copy shared link on Safari was not working. 
  • There was a bug causing presentations to skip sections that was fixed, and our chat bubble was momentarily showing up on shared presentations. 
  • Another minor bug caused row breaks to appear on live folios. 
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