Product Updates

Refining collaboration and
 optimizing the editor

New team templates, manual save function, color picker,
 shared team export credits. Bug fixes and more. Here
 are Xtensio product updates from June 2019 through
 October 2019.

Restructuring the free plan, refining collaboration and optimizing the editor. New team templates, manual save function, color picker, shared team export credits. Bug fixes and more. Here are Xtensio product updates from June 2019 through October 2019.

Making Xtensio’s Free Forever plan collaborative 


2019 has been a year of experiments for Xtensio. Our biggest experiment was launching free premium trials for all new users back in May. This didn’t turn out quite how we expected (but what does!). We saw a lot of confusion between a free trial and our freemium plan, so we decided to restructure the free plan and focus on getting all of our existing users onto the newer custom team workspace that we’ve been building and refining the past couple of years. 

Here are the key takeaways from the experiement and the evolution since:

  • The experiment was useful, but ultimately, trials didn’t work for us. We removed Free Premium Trials from the onboarding flow.
  • Instead, we refinded the Free Forever plan to give users access to the team collaboration and customization features that were previously only available on paid plans.
    • The old free plan was on (no collaboration), had a limit of 1 folio, no access to style guide.
    • The free plan now has a custom URL, unlimited collaboration, 2 folios, access to style guide, custom templates.
  • We added data retention as a feature, both for archived folios and revison history: Free plans have 14-day retention history, Pro 90 days, Business 180 days.
  • Export Credits were updated to 5 for $15 (and are now team shareable!)
  • Updating the free plan meant moving existing free users to the new custom, collaborative workspace. We successfully moved over 100K users onto their own workspace with access to the new free limits.

We also began purging inactive users to free up our servers and simplify flows. Teams and accounts unused for over a year will now be automatically queued for deletion. And we launched an affiliate program where partners can earn 25% recurring commission.

Changing the free plan from personal use to team use meant refining collaboration and onboarding flows all over. We’ve clarified and updated user roles, blockers and notifications, flows for transfering folios, inviting collaobratiors and new team members, and we’ve generally simplified the platform to make for easier onboarding and engagement. Experiments and expectations very rarely align, but it’s been an interesting joureny and a lot of valuable lessons learned along the way! 

NEW! Features 

Team Templates

Most of 2018 was spent turning Xtensio from a personal-use tool into a collaborative team workspace. Custom Team Templates were added as an expansion of the custom templates feature. This feature answered to teams who wanted to create shared templates for other team members and guests to access inside the team workspace. Team Templates help save time creating repeatable reports, presentations and documents while maintaining brand consistency across all collateral.

“Manual Save” Option Added to Revision History

Not only does the app auto-save you and your collaborators’ edits, but now you can manually save a version of the folio for added security and you can create a new copy of the folio from an older version.


Color Picker Added to the Editor 

No more searching for a specific color HEX code! You can update text, background and color schemes directly from the color picker.

Shared Team Export Credit 

Instead of each user on a team having to purchase export credits, free teams can now purchase shared team credits.


Editor Optimizations


Along with focussing a lot of time moving all users from personal workspaces to collaborative team workspaces, we’ve made some optimizations and clarifications in the editor to clarify features and simpify the experience.

  • We made a lot of changes that improved drag-and-drop in the editor. One of these was updating to the Froala V3, the latest version of the third-party editor we use which came with some UI updates on the toolbar and improvments with moving elements.
  • We also simplified the folio view code to make it lighter and faster.
  • Images can now be dragged and dropped between different modules.
  • We added tooltips to the module and canvas drag-and-drop icon to clarify functionality. 
  • A simple animation was added when moving modules or canvases to designate where the element will land when dropped.

Along with these updates to the editor, we began refining our onboarding and activation efforts more. We optimized and implemented the help center in the app. 

UX Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Along with refining the free plan and team collaboration, adding new features and optimizing the editor, we also made some UX optimizations and bug fixes.

  • We updated the UI on the profile menu for each user on each plan (free, Pro, Business).
  • We also made UI updates to the billing settings, showing the number of credits and number of team members, with a link to the team management pop-up. The team management pop-up was updated to show team usage: number of folios and templates. 
  • These changes also caused a couple of bugs related to different user roles and flows. We fixed a bug where Pro team members were able to view stats, a bug causing users to appear on channels after being removed from a team, and another bug preventing Pro and Business users from switching between plans. All of these have been resolved.
  • We also found a bug when adding/removing unregistered users to a team that was causing incorrect numbers on Stripe. The bug has been resolved and all team numbers have been verified on admin and billing. 
  • We are continually monitoring and optimizing the auto-save/sync feature. We made some updates to the backend, including migrating to HTTP2 and transitioned from classic alerts to the new alerts on the Azure monitors, that ensure qualify performance for users.
  • On the dashboard, we added a green dot next to a collaborator’s icon if they are actively collaborating on a folio, matching the UI in the editor.
  • We also made improvments in the UI when filtering folios between channels and adding/removing folios to channels. 
  • In general, we made improvements to the UI on mobile and tablet view. 
  • We removed the onboarding and analytics tool Pendo and moved tooltips in-house.
  • We saw a bug with dragging and dropping canvases that was resolved.
  • There was also a bug with the default channel appearing on folio cards after being removed. 
  • We saw a couple of bug related to the Xtensio branding
    • The banner was missing from free team folios 
    • The banner was appearing on folios owned by members on paid teams
  • There was a bug that was preventing users from saving editable examples as new folios that was fixed.
  • There was also a bug that was causing some fonts to appear incorrectly on the live version of the folio that was fixed.
  • A bug causing the chat bubble to appear on the live versions of the folio has been resolved.
  • We also resolved a couple of bugs with transferring folios (inside and outside the team)
  • Copied/pasted content was appearing with cell formatting which has now been fixed.
  • There was a bug that was preventing images from being resized when the image contains a caption. This has also been resolved.
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