Product Updates

Product Updates 3.2.2015

This week we worked on the most requested changes, refinements  and a couple of new items from our backlog


Onboarding improvements

We updated the simple popup for company name to include a little instructions
Xtensio Folio Onboarding


Improvements to Drag and drop

We are improving on the drag, drop and resize experience on a weekly basis. This week we included targets, indicators and notifiers to improve on the folio creation experience.


Resize Logo

You can now resize the logo.

Logo resize


Changes to Default Template

We are looking for the sweet spot where the users will have enough value without being overwhelmed. This new version has a new cover image, more modules targeted for startups.

Pitch Deck


Ability to delete user uploaded images that are not in use

You can now remove the images you’ve added to your library.

Upload an Image


More option/buttons to edit/control text/image module

We added more options to customize text, images, video.


Forgot Password?

Now you can reset your password.


Bug fixes and Styling Improvements

Making Xtensio work smoothly and look good.

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