Product Updates

New Updates

It’s been a busy month here at Xtensio. We’ve made a bunch of tweaks that you might have missed. Here are some of the things we’ve completed and launched this past month.
Added Background Color Options for Sections and Modules

Under the Section Settings (gear icon in the top right corner of a section) now has more background options. In addition to adding a full width background image, you can add a solid background color. Pick from our color options or input your own hex code. This feature can also be found under the settings of individual modules.

Set Background Colors


Improved Persona Layout

The layout of the persona has changed significantly over the past two months. Now everything is cleaner — this includes consistent margins and simplified editing elements.


New Delete Buttons for Persona Elements

In efforts to further clean up the editing process of personas, the delete buttons (X’s) are now hidden until you hover over a specific element. When you hover over a field (for example a trait or a row from the Motivations and Personality), a pink delete button will slide out.

Cleaner User Persona Template



Module/Folio Delete Confirmation Pop Up

When you delete a module or a folio, you’ll receive a confirmation pop up. Not only does this make notifications across Xtensio more consistent, the popup is less intrusive than a full page confirmation.

Consistent Notification Styling


Separate URL for Sign Up and Login

Before, new sign-ups and returning users entered Xtensio through the same link. Now that we’ve separated the two access points, this helps with more detailed tracking of new vs. returning users. Returning users can log in here. New users can sign up here.

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