Product Updates

Live collaboration

Auto-syncing across collaborators while creating a
 complex and visual online page is a pretty big deal.
 Plus we published two new templates and some
more iterations on our dashboard UI.
We are closing 2016 with a big announcement. Live collaboration is finally here! This has been in the works for a long time and our most challenging milestone so far. Auto-syncing across collaborators while creating a complex and visual online page is a pretty big deal. Plus we published two new templates and some more iterations on our dashboard UI. Here are December’s product updates.

Live Collaboration & Revision History

Now you can work with teammates, stakeholders or clients on the same folio, at the same time. Revision history is also a part of this big new launch. Users can revert back to previous versions of your folio. Two great things about this functionality is that you can preview the older versions first, and leave a note next to them, prior to reverting back. Learn more here.

Revision History

Dashboard UI Updates

You can now  filter which folios you can see at any given time, toggling between “All folios”, “My folios only” and folios that have been “Shared with me”.

Dashboard update

New Template: Usability Testing Report

This new template is particularly helpful for UX designers or marketing teams at agencies and consultancies. Reports become essential when working with clients. We created this template to hit some of the vital steps of a usability testing project. Assess and analyze user feedback from systematic observation to better understand how people interact with your product or service. View the editable template here:

Usability Testing Report Template

New Template: Brand Positioning Canvas

One of the essentials for a branding and marketing team, the Brand Positioning Canvas helps you underscore your brand’s unique value by identifying the right niche in your market and in the mind of your consumers. You can read more in this How To Guide to Brand Positioning.

Brand Positioning Canvas

Navigation Toolbar in Edit Mode

We adjusted the height of the navigation toolbar in edit mode and locked it, so it’s always visible when you scroll down on your folio.

navigation toolbar

Module Headers and Borders

Modules can now have headers and borders. They act like canvases and follow the color scheme.

 Module Header & Border

Embed Channels

Now you can embed a group of folios on your site using channels.

Embed Folio Labels

Miscellaneous Product Improvements

Editor Upgrade
You have the ability to upgrade your existing folios, so that they’re compatible with the new collaboration feature. You’ll be prompted to upgrade your folio the next time you open it.

Pricing Page
We revamped the pricing page, laying out the different functions and benefits of each plan in a sleeker, easier-to-read format. We also adjusted the benefits and functions for each plan.

Modules in Canvases
Modules within a canvas now have the same functionality as modules outside a canvas. The improvements include duplicating and changing the background and color scheme of modules.

Password Protection
We fixed a bug that was causing users to reset their passwords for their folios. And preventing people from accessing shared folios.

Xtensio Logo
We fixed a bug that was cutting off the Xtensio logo on smaller screens.

Information Bar
We adjusted the information bar, so it can be closed on smaller screens.

Improvements to UI and Visual Fixes
We made several tweaks to improve the user interface of the app.

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