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How to share your work in 9 different ways with Xtensio

You are working too hard; You don't need different tools to create different types of deliverables. Use Xtensio's simple editor to create any business content and your work will adapt to your need, auto-magically.

Your client wants to see reports on their phone. Your investor wants a pdf. The board wants a full-blown presentation. Your team wants to work on the copy together. And your boss wants a web page to generate leads….

No worries, we have added 9 ways for you to share your collateral with your team, your clients or your prospects. Just create your folio and choose however you need to share, your work will adapt automatically.

1 – Collaborate privately
Invite your team members and guests, work together in real-time. Xtensio is built for remote teamwork.

2 – Share a link
Your documents are responsive web pages. They will look good on any device and everybody will always see the latest version. Customize links or add a password. And see basic engagement stats for each of your shared links.

3 – Embed on your website
Just grab the code and paste it into your website. When you update your folio, your website will also be updated automatically.

4 – Send in an email.
Directly email your folio link to multiple people. Feel free to add a short note.

5 – Share on social
Xtensio will populate the post with your link. Just add your message and hashtags.

6 – Save a team template
Any folio can be saved as a template that your entire team can use for creating repeat documents. This is a great way to enforce brand consistency and improve quality while speeding up your team’s process.

7 – Publish your templates and generate leads
Establish your company as thought leaders in your industry. Make your template public and anyone with the link can make a copy. Best part? You get a list of everyone who has used your template. These are highly qualified leads.

8 – Download your folio
Of course, you can always export your work as a nicely formatted pdf or png file and send it as an attachment.

9 – Present a full-screen slideshow
Click present and each section of your folio becomes a full-size slide. This is great for pitches and proposals.

Xtensio is your team space to get work done easily. Create, manage and share business content together under one platform.

Xtensio is your team space for beautiful living documentsCreate, manage and share business collateral, easily.

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