How to Prepare Monthly Performance Reports to Motivate and Engage Employees

A monthly performance report provides managers and executive staff with a clear and accurate picture of the performance in a company related to specific a job, project or goal. The performance report allows managers to understand current performance levels, set realistic performance goals, and identify the weaknesses to establish improvement practices. Use this step-by-step guide to create your monthly performance reports, easily.

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Monthly Performance Report

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Your guide to creating a monthly performance report

The monthly performance report template helps you communicate achievements, inform management on key decisions and also challenge the strategic assumptions. The goal of this exercise is to have each member of your team complete the report on a monthly basis to keep an ongoing record of performance, analyze and improve the team’s workflow.

These reports will help you:

  • Monitor business performance indicators for any business function (e.g. operations, sales, finance, product, etc.)
  • Analyze your team’s efficiency and achievements and set realistic performance goals.
  • Understand the weaknesses to establish improvement priorities.

Xtensio’s monthly performance report template makes it easy to keep track of productivity, roadblocks and deadlines so every team member stays on track and you can ensure your whole team is working cohesively and efficiently. Have each of your team members fill out this report each month to see an overview of where your projects and your team stands. Keep an ongoing record and make adjustments to your team’s workflow to improve efficiency. Check out our product tour to learn more about Xtensio.

1. Create your performance report header

Introduce your customer engagement plan by adding your company name, uploading your logo, and adding the date and name of the person creating the plan. You can also update the folio color scheme and background to match your company branding.

Then share your folio as a team template so each employee can use the branded template to create their monthly performance reports, add their name, the date, department and employee ID number so it’s easy to go back and reference these reports for your leadership team.

Quick Tip: Sharing custom templates is super easy. Just update the instructional template to match your branding, click share and select the option to save it as a team template. That’s it! The rest of your team will see the custom template on their dashboard and can easily save it to create a new folio.

monthly performance report template
Annual Budget Report | Xtensio

2. Give a high-level overview of your key accomplishments this month

Highlight what you accomplished this month and how that aligns with the project or team’s overall goals. Address core topics related to your specific job description and goals. Focus on 1-3 main goals with measurable KPIs.

If you’re a sales manager and your goal is to bring in X number of new customers per month, what actions did you take last week towards achieving this goal? What’s on the agenda for this month and next? Or maybe you’re a marketer launching a major campaign – what tasks were completed? Any roadblocks?

3. Detail 2-3 key accomplishments from last month

Think of the projects you worked on in the last month. What is the main goal of this project? What is your role in the project? Detail the task, where it’s at in the project pipeline and any questions, comments or roadblocks you have. Focus on specific OKRs that you can report on overtime.

Annual Budget Report | Xtensio
Annual Budget Report | Xtensio

4. Outline the projects and tasks that are in-progress this month

Keep your audience in mind while detailing what tasks you’re working on this month. Whak key projects are you focussing on? What specific tasks do you expect to complete this month? Do you have any notes, questions or comments that you need to address related to your tasks?

Feel free to add tables, graphs and charts to visually present your data. This makes reporting easier since your manager will be able to immediately see trends.

5. Identify future projects and tasks

It’s useful to provide information on what you intend to accomplish in the following month. What project do you plan to work on next? What’s the main goal of that project and what’s your role?

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Share your monthly performance report as a link, evaluate & iterate

Remember, these are just guidelines for what information goes into your performance reports. You’ll want to focus your monthly report on what matters the most to your team.

When you’ve finished creating your performance report with Xtensio’s editor, you can send the live link to your folio to share it as a responsive webpage (and add password protection), export a PDF or present a full-screen slideshow. The monthly performance report is adaptable just like other Xtensio tools, it can and should be repurposed, revisited, and revised regularly.

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