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Gearing up for Team Space

New pricing tiers. A bit of history on how we got here as a
self-sustaining startup. Gearing up for Team Space. Here
 are insights and product updates from last month.
New pricing tiers. A bit of history on how we got here as a self-sustaining startup. Gearing up for Team Space. Here are insights and product updates from last month.

Our users who’ve been with us since the early days will remember this: Xtensio was free, with a referral system to unlock additional features. We finally introduced the option to pay in the summer of 2016. Since then, we kept our focus on technical optimizations, real time collaboration and UX improvements. For about a year we did not touch our pricing tiers.

Since the beginning, our intention has been to offer a free version of Xtensio, forever. But it’s important to note that we are a self-sustaining startup. And to self-sustain, we must create the ideal tiers of features, match them with the right pricing and the right use case for our customers who are getting real value from it.

Part of our user base has been requesting more power, more customization, private team space, insights and integrations. And another group including students, startups, international users (consider currency exchange) has been looking for a more affordable tier. All that and our product roadmap in consideration, we have restructured our plans.

A quick shout out to Price Intelligently‘s valuable blogs and frameworks. For rebels like us who pave their own path, their knowledge base was helpful to identify solid steps in our pricing process.

New Pricing Tiers


Xtensio pricing tiers

Here’s about our new pricing tiers, upon which we will continue to simplify, optimize and expand features.

Xtensio Free

A new Xtensio user should be able to get in, complete a project and get out. Free version allows them to get a taste of Xtensio, see if it’s something that’s worth investing in further, and stick around longer if they’d like.

Xtensio Plus

Plus is for students or startups who will use Xtensio for an assignment or a certain milestone. They will use a couple of essential templates, publish a few folios, revisit them at their own pace.

Xtensio Pro

Pro is for solo players, freelancers, consultants, or companies who would like to unlock unlimited space, folios, templates and exports. At companies, this plan is ideal if there is one user who primarily edits and creates folios, and shares with internal or external stakeholders to view.

Fair Pricing to switch between plans: We went through a pretty hefty back-end work to launch a flexible billing and invoicing system. When upgrading and downgrading, we calculate the amount you have already paid, and apply those credits towards your next billing cycle. This also sets the tone for what’s coming up with our Teams plan. 

Team Space

Team Space

Team Space Beta Launching Soon

A good match for agencies and consultancies that manage multiple projects, and navigate with both internal and external teams. Team Space is a first step towards a white-labeled solution for organizations, with custom URLs.

Our long term vision for strategists for them to launch their differentiating approach on Xtensio and put it to practice elegantly. Team Space is a prelude for that.

More on frameworks, company and role specific suites of templates coming up next month. 

NEW: YouTube Tutorials


We just launched our Getting Started Series on YouTube.  These 4 quick videos give you an overview of Xtensio’s fundamentals.

  • Making a Folio
  • Real Time Collaboration
  • Share, Present, Export
  • Your Dashboard

In the coming months, we will publish tutorials that focus on specific features and templates. More detailed and as well as more advanced.

That’s it for this month. Check back in, in August for the July retro!




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