Product Updates

Early Access to Team Space

New Fact Sheet Template. Early Access to Team Space. Lots
 of new example folios with different color schemes and layouts.
 Plus insiders into what’s ahead. Here are product updates from 
last month:

New Fact Sheet Template. Early Access to Team Space. Lots of new example folios with different color schemes and layouts. Plus insiders into what’s ahead. Here are product updates from last month:

The Fact Sheet Template is a compact overview of the vital details about your business. Each module fits the right dose of information about your brand into a single page. The template is responsive to mobile devices as usual, but this one is also a good clean export, in portrait view. We will release more examples in both landscape and portrait view.

fact sheet template, one pager template

Music Startup Fact Sheet Example

tech company fact sheet example

Fact Sheet vs One Pager.

A little piece of history: In the beginning Xtensio was the Startup One Pager. We designed a product for entrepreneurs to create a beautiful business overview, for crowdfunding campaigns, investor relations, stakeholder presentations. When we released our public beta in 2015, we realized that people had a hard time completing their one pagers without some prior work. They had to define their personas first, do a SWOT analysis, go through competitive research. That’s how Xtensio’s array of templates started coming to life.

Digital vs print.

Printing our startup one pager has been a pain point for our users for a while now. The template was originally designed to be a digital one page. When it’s exported, it does not easily fit into a single printable page. We didn’t focus on solving this issue, and we will continue not to. Ultimately, the world is bound to evolve from printing documents. Our work already lives on digital screens, so our medium needs to adapt to it. We’re seeing that millennials are already all about Xtensio, because of exactly this. Because it feels and edits better than tools that were designed for static pages and standardized slides. It shouldn’t matter whether your one pager prints well or not. What matters most is that your work is responsive to all screen sizes just like modern websites. We launched the new Fact Sheet template, because it’s useful and it does solve our users’ short term frustrations with printing. But our focus will remain on making Xtensio digital friendly over printers.

Better browsing experience for templates

This month we gave a facelift to the templates page on our website. Now you can browse templates by purpose, sort by most recent or most popular, and see how many times each template has been used by the community. Then click and start editing right away.

We are setting the stage for our expanding library of templates and inspirational folios. In the future, we will preserve your dashboard for the essentials only. This will keep your work space cleaner, especially for users who like to create their own templates or start from scratch with blank folios. (Me🙋🏻.) Eventually you will be able to discover and add new templates to your workspace as you wish.

Discover Editable Templates

Inspirational Examples

We launched new inspirational folios this month. These show you the possibilities with Xtensio’s basic editing and design features. No custom code needed, all created with the essentials. There is a lot of nifty little features in module settings of Xtensio that allow you to create beautiful pieces, easily. We hope that these examples will unlock ideas in your mind. They’re all editable. You can check out a layout you like, grab it and repurpose it for your project.

small business employee handbook example
Small Business Buyer Persona Segments Example
e-commerce business model canvas example
branding and online marketing services proposal example
tech company employee handbook example
kids product startup pitch deck example
financial consulting services proposal example
Innovative business model canvas
e-commerce business model canvas example
environmental tech company pitch deck example
music startup fact sheet example
tech company fact sheet template example

Introducing Early Access to Team Space 

Our enterprise users have been demanding this for ages. Believe it or not, it is quite complex to build a team & guest management workflow on a platform that lets you do live collaboration and share links in super flexible ways. Both technically and user experience design-wise. We are launching our early access to introduce four essentials of the teams plan, and invite our users to become a part of our building process.

Single Billing

Your Vanity URL (ex:

Your Own Templates

Team & Guest Management

Click to reserve your team space at early access pricing. Available through June 30th.

Xtensio Team Space Early Access

Miscellaneous Product Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Exports are now made available for the Free Tier.
  • Polished Startup One Pager template for a better layout, more consistent headings, cleaner modules. We will continue to optimize our existing templates for both guiding content and editing experience over the next few weeks.
  • Further improvements on live collaboration and syncing, when a collaborator is disconnected, or when folios are left open on idle tabs.
  • Channel tagging and removing bug fixed.
  • Modules’ and blank canvases’ initial states are modified for a more user-friendly onboarding.

Would you like us to work on a new template, module, or fix something that’s frustrating to you? Give us a shout on Twitter @Xtensio!

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