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Dashboard: How to use Channels

Organize, collaborate on and share groups of folios with Channels.

Channels essentially work like folders allowing you to “tag” each of your folios into different categories. Having a method to organize your many folios into groups is essential in decluttering your Xtensio workspace. But beyond that, channels streamline the process of working together with teams of any size and in any place. Now you can add people as channel collaborators to automatically give your team members and guests editing access to groups of folios and you can share whole batches of folios on a special landing page to showcase all the collateral related to a specific topic or project. Here’s how…

Step 1: Create a new channel

My Folios

Navigate to the sidebar on the left-hand side to select “+ New Channel” and give your channel a name. You can organize and group your folios by template type, client, department, step in your process or any other categorization you need. Employ just one, several, or all of these naming conventions at the same time. Here are some examples of ways you can group your folios.

  • By Type: Persona, Lean Canvas, SWOT Analysis, Content Strategy, etc.
  • By Client: Company 1, Company 2, Company 3, etc.
  • By Department: Marketing, Sales, Operations, etc.
  • By Process Stage: Brainstorm, Content, Design, Needs Approval, Published, etc.

You’ll then set the channel access level. Channel collaboration gives members and guests editing access to all folios in the channel and these collaborators will automatically be given editing access to any folios added to the channel later.

  • Private – By default, your channel is set to private. Only you and any individual channel collaborators you add will have access to the folios in this channel. You can click on the “Add People” button to add channel members and guests.
  • Team Visible – This will give all of your admins and team members access to the channel. You can then add guests as additional channel collaborators via the ‘Add People” icon.

Step 2: Add folios to your channel

Add to Channel

When you create a new folio it will automatically be added to your default channel – the “Main” channel preset on your dashboard. You can rename this channel or create a new channel to set as your default. Attach as many channels to a folio as you’d like to keep your dashboard organized however you need. Hover your mouse above a folio and press on the tag icon on the bottom right corner. A popup will appear prompting you to select from the channels currently on your dashboard.

Create a persona for one of your clients and tag it in both a channel specific to personas and a channel for that particular client. Or maybe you’re working on an iterative campaign and you want to create channels for different stages of the campaign process. Switch channels a folio belongs to at any time to keep your team on track.

Remember, all channel members and guests will automatically be given access to any folios that are added to the channel.

Step 3: Manage channel collaborators and settings


When you click on a channel along the sidebar, your dashboard will show you only folios that have been added to a specific channel. On the channel view, you will see a navigation bar at the top of the screen where you can manage your channel settings and collaborator access levels. Select the 3-dot menu to rename, set it as your default or delete the channel. Switch the channel access between “Team Visible” and “Private” at any time.

To manage your channel collaborators select the “Add People” icon. You can both invite new collaborators and remove collaborators from the current list. There are two distinctions between channel collaborators:

  • Channel Members: These collaborators include the team owner, admins and all team members. When the channel is set to team visible all of these users will automatically be added as channel members.
  • Channel Guests: Premium guests on your team can be added to any channel as a collaborator. These guests cannot create new channels or add folios to channels.

Note: Free guests on your team cannot be added as channel collaborators because they are limited to accessing a single folio at a time.

Step 4: Share your channel (share a group of folios)


Another channel feature is the ability to share a batch of folios with employees, stakeholders, or clients on a customized landing page. Say you want to share all of your personas with your product or marketing team or maybe you want to create a channel with all the collateral you’ve created for a single client to show in a board meeting. By sharing a channel link, you’ll able to share multiple folios at one time.

Hover over the specific channel on the left sidebar and click on the share (link) icon or, if you’re active on the channel view, select the ‘Get Link’ icon at the top of the screen. After turning on link sharing, you can grab the unique URL, send the link in an email, or embed it on your website to showcase a group of folios your team has worked on.

Just like individual folios, you can even password protect the whole batch of folios. In this case, anyone who opens the link will have to input a password to access the folios. Keep in mind that even when the channel link sharing is off, individual folios in the channel can still be publicly shared. 

Step 5: Customize the landing page.


When you share the link to your channel with a colleague, they will land on a simple page with all of your folios neatly organized. You can add a header and description by clicking “Add Page Title and Description” on the share popup. This is a great way to sleekly present all the documents you created with your colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

Let us know what you think!

The newest updates to add team collaboration at the channel level is just another step in Xtensio becoming the team collaboration and workflow management our users have been asking for. There is a lot more work to be done to smooth out the experience. Your continual feedback plays a huge part in our prioritization of new features so please continue to share your feedback. Shoot us a message via the chat bubble inside the app or tweet us directly with @Xtensio.

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