Collaboration & Revision History

Your Ultimate Guide to Collaboration and Revision History

With Xtensio for Business, you can collaborate on your folios with colleagues, clients and other key players in real-time from anywhere in the world. The Collaboration feature helps users facilitate the exchange of ideas for their businesses and brings your work to one place on multiple screens. If you make a mistake or don’t like a change you’ve made, just restore a previous version of your folio with Revision History. By combining the design capabilities of a website builder with the collaborative functionality of a content editor, we’re revolutionizing how businesses communicate in a world where perpetual innovation is the new normal.

We’ve laid out the basics of Collaboration and Revision History with easy-to-follow steps and GIFs. This guide will be continually updated so feel free to check in for more tips!


Xtensio’s update includes several major benefits for users.

  • Real-time collaboration. Work on the same folio as your colleagues, clients, or stakeholders at the same time. All changes save and sync across all devices.
  • Flexible collaboration. Work with as many team members and guests as you’d like. Add them to channels to give editing access to batches of folios or add people as collaborators to individual folios.
  • Revision history. Made a mistake? Don’t like a change you or a collaborator made? Revert back to previous versions of your folio with just a few clicks.

Adding and Removing Collaborators to Folios

Add Collaborators to Real Time Collaboration

Add Collaborators

  • You can add collaborators from your dashboard or at the top of your folio by clicking the “Add/Remove People” icon.
  • Select collaborators’ access level by allowing users to edit or view folios.
  • Users will have to accept the invitation to start collaborating.
  • You can even resend the invitation if you want to nudge the recipient to accept.

When you add a user to collaborate on your folio they’ll be notified via email and in the Xtensio app. You’ll be notified via email and the app once they’ve either accepted or declined your invitation to collaborate.

collaboration remove collaborators

Remove Collaborators

  • You can also remove collaborators from your dashboard or at the top of your folio by clicking the “Add/Remove People” icon.
  • Click the “x” beside a collaborator’s name to remove their access to your folio.
  • Change collaborators’ access level from editing to viewing your folios.
  • When you remove a user to collaborate on your folio they’ll be notified via email and in the Xtensio app.

Note: If a collaborator’s access has been given at channel level, you will need to adjust the channel collaboration settings in order to remove them from the folio. 

Adding and Removing Collaborators to Channels

Add Collaborators to Real Time Collaboration

Switch Channel Collaboration between PRIVATE and TEAM VISIBLE 

When you click on a channel along the sidebar, your dashboard will show you only folios that have been added to a specific channel. On the channel view, you will see a navigation bar at the top of the screen where you can manage your channel settings and collaborator access levels. Channel collaboration gives members and guests editing access to all folios in the channel and these collaborators will automatically be given editing access to any folios added to the channel later.

  • Private – By default, your channel is set to private. Only you and any individual channel collaborators you add will have access to the folios in this channel. You can click on the “Add People” button to add channel members and guests.
  • Team Visible – This setting will give all of your admins and team members access to the channel. You can then add premium guests as additional channel collaborators via the ‘Add People” icon.

Manage Individual Channel Collaborators

When you select the “Add People” icon at the top of the channel view, you’ll be able to manage channel collaborators. You can both invite new collaborators and remove collaborators from the current list. There are two distinctions between channel collaborators:

  • Channel Members: These collaborators include the team admins and members. When the channel is set to team visible all of these users will automatically be added as channel collaborators. In private, you can add and remove channel members individually.
  • Channel Guests: Premium guests on your team can be added to any channel as a collaborator. These guests cannot create new channels or add folios to channels.

Note: Free guests on your team cannot be added as channel collaborators because they are limited to accessing a single folio at a time.


Other Collaboration Tips & Tricks

collaboration help

Here are some other tricks for collaborating:

  • A green dot appears next to a collaborator’s icon if he or she is also in the folio.
  • A green pencil appears next to a collaborator’s icon if he or she is currently editing the folio.
  • Clicking a collaborator’s icon when he or she is editing will bring you to where those edits are being made.

Every change someone makes, from resizing and adding modules to adding or removing sections, syncs instantly across all accounts and devices linked to the folio.

Collaborator Access Levels

collaboration change access

As the owner of a folio, you can select the level of access collaborators have on your folio. You can adjust these settings at any time.

Collaborators can carry out different functions depending on their access level. We’ve laid out those capabilities here:

collaborations access levels

* Xtensio Plus users only

Leaving Folios

collaboration leave folio

As either the owner or collaborator of a folio, you have the ability to leave at any time.

  • Click the “Add/Remove People” icon from your dashboard or from the top of your folio.
  • If you are a collaborator, you can click the “x” beside your name to leave the folio.
  • If you are the owner of the folio, after clicking the “x” beside your name you will be asked to either:
    • Transfer ownership of the folio to a collaborator, or
    • Archive the folio and revoke access for all collaborators.

Revision History

This new feature lets you revert to a previous version of your folio in case you make a mistake or don’t like a change a collaborator has made. It takes the stress out of collaborating, so you can focus on the work that matters most to you and your team.

  • Click on the timestamp to access your folio’s history or from the drop down on the far right side of your navigation.
  • Choose the version of your folio to which you want to revert.
  • You can even preview the version before reverting to it, so you know for sure which revision you want to make.

Dashboard Update

collaboration dashboard

As part of this update, we’ve revamped the dashboard by allowing you to filter which folios you view at any given time.

  • Click on the “All Folios” button along the far left side of your dashboard.
  • A dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to toggle between “My folios only” and folios that have been “Shared with me”.

Shared folios will count towards the three allowed for users with free accounts.

All Together Now

Now put these tips together! Our folios are meant to be responsive web pages. With a better understanding of collaboration and revision history you can enhance your business communications. We hope you find these tips useful.


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