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All about the templates

Introducing the first onboarding folio. Labels are 
now channels. Behind the scenes of our admin world,
 and a sneak peek into what’s ahead. Here are this
 month’s product updates:

All about the templates. Introducing the first onboarding folio. Labels are now channels. Behind the scenes of our admin world, and a sneak peek into what’s ahead. Here are this month’s product updates:

Fresh New Templates View

While you can build anything with Xtensio, people usually start off with a template to get the hang of the platform. As our library of templates and inspiration is expanding, we are gradually overhauling the way you can discover and work with these resources. In April, we launched a brand new templates view under your dashboard.

Now you can quick preview templates, sort by most recent or most popular, and see how many times each template has been used by the community.

Xtensio New Templates View On Dashboard


Inspirational Examples

Now all the inspirational samples you see on our website are editable folios. We will launch more of these examples in May. You will be able to grab a layout you like and repurpose it for your project.

Onboarding Folio: “Learn The Basics in 3 Minutes”

We have introduced a quick walk-through of Xtensio’s building blocks: Modules, sections, customization settings, layouts and sharing options. It’s a folio that appears on our users’ dashboard when they first sign up. So this is our first iteration on helping our users learn the basics. We plan to introduce more practice folios and tutorials in the coming months.

The practice folio only appears for users who signed up after April 15th. If you have signed up before then, and want to play around with it, you can access it here.

Folio Basics   Folio Tutorial

Labels are Now Called “Channels”

This is kind of a big deal. Since launching live collaboration, we have been gearing up towards the Teams’ Plan. We are thinking through what our users have been demanding the most, as well as a scalable user experience. Collaboration, team management, folios’ organization, editing and sharing must all be a smooth flow. Channels are going to play a big role in this.

Channels have two functions at the moment.

They behave like tags. Meaning, you can add your folio into more than one channel.

They also behave like folders. They have their own sharing, password protection, view access flows.

Moving forward, channels will be a collaboration ground for teams. Agencies will be able to invite their clients into channels, launch channels for internal teams and so on. Stay tuned!

“Give a Month Get a Month” Phased Out

Our users have enjoyed the referral program in our early days. We kept this option available for as long as we could. We may bring back referral programs again in the future. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are looking to onboard a big team, a classroom, or unlock Xtensio on your campus. Discounts may be available for you.

Miscellaneous Product Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Reverting a folio back to an earlier version alerts collaborators and prompts them to refresh.
  • Added visual indication of Xtensio Plus features. Some of our new users didn’t have clarity about the limitations of the free account right off the bat. So we started introducing mini visual cues.
  • Billing, invoices view is improved for past subscribers.
  • Mobile preview is improved. Top bars now hide and give more real estate to view the full page.
  • More than five collaborators’ UI indication added. 
  • Existing templates are optimized for better exports and presentation mode. This is an ongoing task.
  • “Made with Xtensio” banner no longer shows up on channels sharing view, on Xtensio Plus accounts.
  • Pie Chart issue on exports resolved.
  • Bug on exporting sections fixed.
  • Text module glitches resolved.

Behind the Scenes in Admin

Some of the most important work we do happens behind the scenes, which does not directly affect your user experience. Yet. We recently ramped up our analytics in the back-end, which will soon allow us to give you insights into your folios, collaborators, activity, traffic. A lot of our enterprise users have been demanding this for a while now. Bear with us just a little longer. Powerful stuff coming up later this year.

What other updates are you looking for? Give us a shout on Twitter @Xtensio!

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