Advanced Customization for PDF Export

We’ve recently updated the PDF export function to include more options and increased customization. Now you’ll have greater flexibility based on how your PDF is intended to be viewed! When you click “Download PDF,” a pop-up will appear with options for Screen vs. Print view and you’ll be able to preview before downloading. Keep in mind, the export function is only available on our premium plans.  

PDF for Screen

By default, the “For Screen” option is selected. When you Export with this option, you are creating a single, auto-sized PDF. This will take on the height of your folio with no page breaks. The width of this PDF will be based on your browser size. If your browser width is smaller, you’ll have a smaller margin on the left and right sides of your content. If your browser width is larger, this will add more margins on the sides. This option is ideal if you want to: view your PDF on a screen as a single scrollable document, embed a single PDF onto a site, or include your PDF in an email.

single-scroll PDF export

Export for Print

We’ve also added more customization options for print-optimized PDFs. If you select “For Print”, you’re able to define the orientation of your PDF, the size of the paper you will use, and where you want your page breaks to happen.

Here’s how page breaks work. If you select…

  • Neither Section nor Row Break: The exporter will fit as many sections on a page as possible before the content begins to overflow onto the next page. When a section cannot fit onto a single printed page, it will be pushed to the next page automatically.
  • Section Only: Each of your folio’s sections will be displayed on its own page.
  • Row Break Only: If you add Row Break modules to your folio, this will force any content after the Row Break module to start on a new page.
  • Both Section and Row Break: Each of your folio’s sections will be displayed on its own page. If you have Row Break modules in place, this will force another page break within that section.


pages/slides PDF export

Tips for Print Exports

  • Break your printed pages by Sections. Move and layout your modules in different sections. If the content is too long, the export will still break the page, so we suggest making images or text smaller, or breaking apart some of the content onto the next page (section). Learn more about working with sections in this post.
  • Use Row Breaks to force where page breaks happen. The Row Break module adds extra space between modules to center the content. You can also add these to help you achieve full background images on the page. If you select the option to break pages by Row Break modules, you can place these in your folio to force where page breaks happen.
  • Use Presentation Mode like Print Preview. This is not a precise solution since your folio is responsive to the screen size you’re working on, but it will help you gauge what may or may not fit on the page vertically. This way you can adjust your modules accordingly.

Once your settings are in place, you can click Preview and Export at the bottom of the pop-up and then Download after the PDF has been generated. Xtensio will even automatically save your settings for future exports!


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